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Leisure Portfolio Mark Nyenhuis

Leisure is a very important aspect in a person’s day to day life. Leisure is a way for a person to help develop as a professional, become more cultured, be active in the community, and improve communication skills, just to name a few. In addition, recreation and leisure is the way many people destress, and separate themselves from the stressful workplace.1 In conclusion, recreation and leisure is a very critical aspect of one’s life, and should be well understood, to make the most of your free time.

Personal Assessment (Please see “Personal Assessment Mark Nyenhuis” document)
Physical wellbeing My physical wellbeing is very good, I scored 41 out of 43, which makes sense because I don’t drink excessively, don’t
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There are a few areas that I could improve though. Firstly, I could become a little more diverse in my leisure, arts and culture is definitely an area that I am lacking in, and that could help me to further develop my personal identity, and could lead to more learning. In addition, I don’t mind volunteering, but I should fund something that I really enjoy volunteering in. I quite enjoy going to the gym, maybe a good idea for me would be to help someone train, or help at one of the day camps at the YMCA. This could not only improve my resume, but could also help me build my connections, and gain more people that I can trust and talk to when I need help. This will also help with building my connection to others and the community. Through volunteering I also have the opportunity to help improve the community, I know that the community that I live in is not as open to different cultures, let alone anything that is different in general, change is not something that they like. Maybe I could host an event like a culture day to introduce them to other cultures, and improve their leisure time as well. Through my contributions to society I have the potential to not only help community and others, but to also better myself even more and build who I am as a person through my recreation and leisure

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