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The purpose of this report is to select three no-profit organizations and critically analyze how wise they spend the money donated to them. The report was informed by the need to increase accountability and to improve efficiency in the running of the selected charities. I is imperative to not that the resources, for supporting any cause, however noble, are limited. Therefore, there is need to assign priority to those organizations that spend the charity money with high levels of frugality and yielding great results. These very donations attract a lot of charity organization and it is important that preference be given to the most accountable and most performing ones.
The data analysed herein was obtained from various sources that
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The organization spends more than ninety percent (90%) of its budget on to achieve its mission. The remaining close to ten percent (10%) is then spent administrative issues. By any standards, this is quite wise. In order to achieve its mission, the organization has enlisted the services of close to three thousand five hundred (3500) volunteers to serve in the over forty (40) cities and twenty six (26) nations globally. That is quite commendable by any standards. The volunteers are not given financial compensation for the services they render to the organization, but facilitation in terms of travel expense and the provision of equipment, is usually done on …show more content…
With the decent budget they operate on, they have managed to encompass many activities, which is actually very commendable. Mercy Worldwide has gone out of its way to help countries and communities that are deprived of water. Case in point is the island nation of Haiti. In January of 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti and their water system became contaminated. This left close to 3.5 million people without clean water, which has been associated with the high prevalence of water-borne diseases such as cholera. The organization then devised the MERCY H20 program that is providing this key commodity to the affected households. The equipment they are using, to see this plan to fruition, are made from recycled plastics; this shows how financially conscious they

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