Argumentative Essay: Transference Is A Social Problem

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For the purpose of this core essay assignment in Psychology 1300, the topic of transference will be discussed. In order to accomplish this these are the topics that will be examined: the definition of transference, why transference is a social problem, how are people affected by transference, how the government is trying to address the issue of transference, and finally what can be done to make a positive outcome with the problems with transference.
Transference and countertransference:
According to Farlexs’ Medical dictionary transference is applying emotions, thoughts, and feelings onto another person that has resemblance to someone from a person’s childhood (transference). And Countertransference is from the “psychoanalyst
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We need to interrupt every tendency to hive off the handling of transference into restrictive psychotherapy. We need progressively to introduce it into general education. One obvious place to start is in adult education through the provision of personal development workshops for the general public. This, of course, has been going on now for several decades in the UK, both in independent and in institutionally-based centres. What is perhaps needed more and more on these courses is that in-depth work on emotional competence should relate the intrapsychic and interpersonal aspects of transference to the social and political aspects. …show more content…
Thompson’s “Transference: Embracing the Unknown in Workplace Relationships!” explains the complexities of the transference effect on managers/employees and employees to employees within the work environment. Thompson feels that through mindfulness, one can prepare oneself to recognize transference “with time, consistency and routine.” (Thompson) Mindfulness is the conscious effort of recognizing when thoughts are being received, however not acting upon them. (Hoffman et. el) With mindfulness, as with other cognitive techniques, it takes practice. By being fully aware of one’s thoughts, surroundings, and feelings the practice of mindfulness can center a person and therefore reduce unconcise

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