Marcus Cocceius Nerva's Influence On Rome

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Marcus Cocceius Nerva was born in what was once the small town of Narnia, Italy in the year 30 AD. He was born into a family who was no stranger to holding positions of high power. However, Nerva had no intention of ever becoming emperor himself. During that time, Nerva was almost accused of treason by Domitian. Those plotting against Domitian, used this knowledge to have Nerva agree to take the role of emperor after Domitian’s death. Many citizens of Rome were relieved when Domitian’s reign ended and Nerva’s reign of peace began. Nerva is remembered as a kind and just ruler who tried his best to find ways to better Rome (“Roman Empire”). During his reign, he built store houses for grain and gave the aqueducts much needed repair and maintenance. Because of Nerva’s strive to aid Rome, he was considered very popular with the people as well as the Senate. However, the army did not care for him because they were still loyal to Domitian, who had given them their first pay raise since Augustus. One way he found he could gain the armies trust was through the adoption of his heir. Nerva was a childless emperor and adoption was the only way to keep the throne occupied. Nerva chose Marcus Ulpius Trajanus as his heir, who at the time was the emperor of Upper Germany. Not only was Trajan liked and respected by the people and the Senate, but he …show more content…
He was also known to have made sacrifices in the honor of fallen comrades after victories in battle. He himself was the chief agent in these sacrifices since he was the “Pontifex Maximus” or “High Priest” (Pollen). Letters between Trajan and Pliny the Younger show Trajan’s views on Christianity. During that time, Christianity mainly appealed to women and slaves. Trajan restrained would-be persecutors and insisted that all Christians be given fair trials. He even forbade anonymous letters of accusation to be written and sent into the trials. Hadrian also continued these actions (Rodgers and

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