A Summary Of Toruk's Life

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A great while ago, when the world was full of wonders where dynasties ruled the lands there live a young man named Toruk, he was born in a small village in a rich landscape surrounded by mountains where his father was the ruler of the land. At the age of seven he was taken by the Roman Empire as a hostage to serve the empire conquer new territories. Toruk was trained to be an elite roman soldier. After a few months of brutal battles and harsh training sessions he became the most feared warrior there was in the entire empire, he became known as Toruk the slayer after slaughtering thousands with his sword. Ultimately Toruk became sickening for what he had become and left the army to return home and rule the land that his father had in his possession. …show more content…
Few minutes past with Toruk able to wipe about the majority of the army with his boundless strength and quickness leaving only Trajan and a few of his men from the army who when ahead to fight the rest of Toruk’s men. The decisive battle is about to start when both man take out their sword, Trajan when taking his sword sees that Toruk is getting weak and losing power which is the result of Toruk been around when full moon is out and objects made out of silver are nearby. Thus both Trajan and Toruk fight a sword battle like mortal beings, exchanging swings at each with not one taking an advantage over the other, when Trajan looks like he is getting backup into a corner he takes Talon as a shield and demands toruk to throw his sword which he does, Trajan then throws Taron aside a stabs Toruk in the stomach. Taron aside on the floor throws the silver that was around far away from the tent where they are fighting and thus Toruk gain a little of strength to dive forward with all the strength he can muster which takes Trajan life, stabbing his fangs into his body. Toruk after recovering for a while tells his son Talon to go with the villagers and live a life of a normal person because that’s what he wants for his son to rule over the land that was given by his

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