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  • Personal Narrative-It's Time To Stop My Car

    On a casual Saturday morning with the sun high and bright and the air temperature blowing a cool, crisp seventy-five degrees, me and my buddy Shane were on our merry way to the Region C Cup for our competitive soccer team. Not making it to the green traffic light that was soon to turn yellow, I easily applied the brake to completely stop my car right on the line. Sitting at the red light in my 295 horsepower silver 2007 Lexus is250, I glanced over to the right side of my car and noticed an exceptionally nice 275 horsepower purple 2010 Dodge Challenger beside me. Earlier that month I had to purchase a new transmission because I blew up the original transmission in a race, but of course, I didn't learn my lesson. Knowing that the car next to…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Driver Less Cars

    According to “ It maps points in space using 64 rotating laser beams taking more than a million measurements per second to form a 3-D model in its computer brain that’s accurate to the centimeter. Preload maps tell the system where the stationary stuff is-- traffic lights, crosswalks, telephone poles--and the lidar fills in the landscape with moving objects like people” (Cars of Tomorrow-Still Not Flying). Not only can the driver less car efficiently take you all around all of…

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  • Impact Of Traffic Congestion On Commuters

    10424363 Topic: Impact of Traffic Congestion on Commuters; a case study of Accra-Kasoa Road Literature Review Road Traffic congestion has always been a major problem all over the world. Both the developed and developing countries are battling with the problem but with different degree of commitment. On the 14 of October 2014, a study from INRIX and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) revealed that the total cumulative cost of congestion in the UK’s economy is estimated to…

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  • Pedestrian Safety Essay

    Pedestrians, who are people who travel by foot, wheelchairs, or strollers are the most vulnerable of those who use roads. For this reason, they should be very well protected. A total of 4,735 pedestrians were killed in traffic deaths in 2013, 2 and more than 156,000 were treated in emergency departments for nonfatal injuries. With numbers like these, it is critical to understand the risks and learn how to stay safe.(Office of the Associate Director for Communication, Digital Media Branch,…

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  • Debate Speech Example

    live audience and nearly 80 million viewers tuning in from all across the world. [motions] Ladies and gentlemen, your candidates! [audience cheers] SEN. APPLE, smiles: Thank you all. [inhales] I’d like to begin by saying that I’m honored to have the privilege of standing before you tonight-[BUZZZZZ!] [everyone turns as a buzzer blares from behind the stage] MODERATOR, jumps in: My apologies Senator, I’ve been told this should only take a moment. [to the camera] All right everyone.. our…

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  • Garrett Morgan Essay

    one area due to lack of food. One inventor who created two items that some fail to recognize as vastly important to life as we know it is Garrett Morgan. During his life, Garret Morgan created a breathing device we have come to know as a gas mask, as well as he created the first idea of the modern stop light. Garrett was born on March 4, 1877 in Paris, Kentucky. Given that Garrett lived his whole life as a man of color, this would create problems selling products and…

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  • How Did Garrett Morgan Build A Traffic Light Essay

    observe my surroundings. There are traffic signs and pedestrians crossing crosswalks. Most importantly, there are many cars moving at the same and almost no confusion. How is this possible? Thanks to the traffic light, driving cars is easier. Without the traffic light, driving will be a burden and accidents would occur more often. Traffic lights are easy to interpret and keeps traffic calm. The man behind the invention was Garrett Morgan. Garrett Morgan was an African American male who invented…

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  • Why People Drive America

    In this book by tom Vanderbilt he gives an insight into the reasons people drive a certain way and how do those correlate to the amount of traffic people deal with every day. The psychology of the population is one of the biggest reasons that they drive a certain way. Everyone drives differently and they believe they are the best drivers even if their driving record doesn’t agree with them. He uses the help of many different engineers, physicist and psychologist form all around the world, in his…

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  • Reasonable Care Examples

    the perspective of the case. Drivers are only normal to comply with traffic rules. When the driver needs to drive a turn, and the traffic lights also show the green when the driver is not in violation of traffic rules. However, some people come out, and the driver did not brake in time to cause serious traffic accidents. From this case, we might as well speculate that if pedestrians are blind, we should take care of the behavior of the blind when the blind man can not speculate on whether the…

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  • Essay On Side Impact Collision

    When the victim runs a red light, he risks getting T-boned by cross traffic. On the other hand, when the victim drives through a green light, a car running a red light at the same intersection can strike him on the side. Distracted driving. A distracted driver can either drive in front of cross traffic and get struck, or collide into the side of a car in front of him. This distraction can occur either because the driver wasn't looking, or failed to mentally focus on his driving. Driving too…

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