How To Write A Distracted Driving Essay

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Car crashes resulting from distracted driving, such as texting, sending or reading emails, and downloading music are distraction related crashes are taking our nation by storm.The highest distraction rate for all drivers ages 16-20 years old is 82%.The main issue is that 10% of young adults are texting while behind the wheel and are outside of their lanes at the same time, not knowing that they are putting their lives and others in danger. Texting while driving makes you become blind for approximately 5 seconds and, it slows your brake reaction by a whole 18%. More than nine people are killed and over 1,153 are injured every day due to distracted drivers and 2,600 deaths and 342,000 injuries a year . The National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation …show more content…
Her face was disfigured and her life has changed since then. Marks was a honor student in high school during her senior year. To this day, she still talks about the accident telling other teens her age and younger about the dangers of texting and driving. Texting and driving impacts so many lives because it can kill people. It takes the lives of innocent children and adults. Research shows that texting does infact sow your reaction time down. Meaning that while texting and driving, the person behind the wheel probably will not notice that they are about to crash until it happens and it 's too late to prevent the accident. The driver then feels guilty for what has happened and the family is left to grieve over the loss of their loved one. It it said that both teens and adults are guilty of texting and driving but almost half of those that admit it will not stop. The minimum amount of time it takes to crash a car without looking is approximately 5 seconds.Researchers find that if you are texting and driving at 55mph, you are basically driving the length of a football field without looking, which is very dangerous considering the amount of time that person has to kill other

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