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  • Traffic Congestion Speech

    Topic: Causes of Traffic Congestion Thesis statement: Traffic congestion is caused by high volumes of vehicles, inadequate infrastructure, illegal parking and pedestrian crossing. Sub-topics Topic sentences High volumes of vehicles A major reason for traffic congestion is the high volume of vehicles. Inadequate infrastructure Along with vehicular increases another contributing factor to traffic congestion is inadequate infrastructure. Illegal parking Illegal parking is also a cause for traffic congestion. Pedestrian crossing Another reason for traffic congestion is pedestrian crossing Traffic congestion is on inescapable condition in the large growing populated…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Driverless Cars

    Crash! A mother is on the road, and her kids are in the backseat of her van fighting; the music is playing on the radio and she 's talking to her father on the phone. All these distractions led to a flood of medical bills and insurance fees. Humans are unreliable when it comes to tasks that require focus; they are distracted easily and pay little attention to what they do on a daily basis. Driverless cars introduce a safe way that humans can be on the road and multitask. They are reliable and…

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  • Washington Dc 11th Street Bridge Project

    Now pedestrians and cyclist would for the most part be separated from the mainstream traffic. This was expected to increase pedestrian traffic which is another crucial piece to the safety of the area. With more people around, there are more witnesses and a lower chance of crime occurring on the bridge. Overall, the implementation of the third bridge would make the area a more safe and better place. All of the bridges come together to accomplish the goals of better routes for emergency vehicles…

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  • Speed And Crashes Essay

    describe the effect of speed vs crashes as a U shaped curve [9]. Solomon obtained the estimated speed of the vehicles suffered the crashes by tracing the police reports. The author compiled a “modus speed” which implies a safe speed for that particular stretch of road by driving with the traffic flow [45]. Solomon created a crash proportion per speed category, a comparison ratio using the crash vehicle speeds and the modus speed for each category. The estimated travel speed from the accident…

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  • Example Of Bikig Speech

    I live in portland. The city has transformed a lot over the years. Biking is the new norm in, and if you don’t bike what is the point of living in portland. Bikers are vehicles now and they have same sized lanes as the cars. They have their own special traffic lights and have all the advantages of a car plus the perks of a pedestrian. Though I have lived here all my life I am still not used to them riding all over the streets. They still seem to fill me with anger. I don’t like bikers they…

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  • Automobile Social Impact

    1950s to 1960s, the car ownership level doubled from 4.4m to 9.4m in Britain whilst the road network remained modest in size and scale (traffic in town 1963). Hence, the traffic has been doubled and led to a shift in public transport to private vehicles. The rise of automobile has brought about various impacts socially, economically and environmentally. This essay will address the density of social relation, environmental condition, the Beeching incident in the UK, and the freedom it brought to…

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  • Importance Of Parking Lot Markings

    The Importance of Repainting and Refreshing the Painted Lines in Parking Lots and On Highways Road and parking lot line markings are important aspects of safe and efficient roadway as well as parking lot usage respectively. Road markings convey information to roadway users, indicating which part of the road to use, where passing is allowed and warn motorists about any potential danger ahead. Parking lot line markings ensure safe and efficient parking as well as traffic flow around the parking…

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  • Natural Forces Affecting The Driver Essay

    severe injuries to you. Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings Imagine you are taking a road trip! Select a destination and navigate the trip. Answer the following questions in one or more complete sentences: 1. Where will you go on your trip? Manassa Colorado 2. You approach a railroad crossing with a cross buck sign that has no lights or gates. What should you do? Stop at a safe distance so that I can scan and listen for a train. 3. You arrive at an intersection with traffic lights that are…

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  • North Perimeter Road Recommendation Report

    Investigate the Flow of Traffic for the Intersection of North Perimeter Road and University Drive. Introduction: More and more students are being accepted into Cal Poly every year and the campus is building more on-campus housing to accommodate for this new population of students and to encourage students to be on-campus. This increase of students causes many problems because already the classes are impacted, the parking lots are impacted, and the streets are impacted. Furthermore, some argue…

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  • Inexperience Can Cause A Collision Essay

    By going at the inappropriate time, they risk colliding into another car. To avoid collisions that result from inconsideration, know the rules of the road and obey them. Impatience can cause one to have a collision because they do not stop properly when they should. Drivers who speed, roll at stop signs rather than make complete stops, run through traffic lights, risk hitting other cars. It is important to be patient when driving so to avoid collisions that would result from impatience, the…

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