Pros And Cons Of Driverless Cars

Crash! A mother is on the road, and her kids are in the backseat of her van fighting; the music is playing on the radio and she 's talking to her father on the phone. All these distractions led to a flood of medical bills and insurance fees. Humans are unreliable when it comes to tasks that require focus; they are distracted easily and pay little attention to what they do on a daily basis. Driverless cars introduce a safe way that humans can be on the road and multitask. They are reliable and proven to be safer than humans driving on the road and help benefit the flow of traffic. They do this by allowing a system of computers to determine what measures should be taken and what precautions to be looking for on the road that regular people can’t foresee. Driverless cars provide a new, safe alternative for people and allow us to get more things done and are beneficial to our way of life; our way of life to be quick and efficient. The software that navigates driverless cars offers new measures of safety to Americans. People are easily distracted on the road, and often get into accidents. “Google has had a fleet of driverless cars since 2009, …show more content…
"The congestion deteriorated from 4 percent to 50 percent and the number of cars traveling through the intersection also fell between 4 percent and 21 percent." (Borroz 2). This is the opposite of the main goal of driverless cars, which was to make road travel smoother through the network system they all use. "Safety is one of the main features consumers care about when they 're buying a car," (CBS Money Watch 3). Although road travel was made worse with driverless cars, it is stated that customers care more about being safe then getting to the destination quick. You have to be in one piece to actually get to wherever you 're going. Therefore, it 's safe to say that people value their safety over getting somewhere as fast as they

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