Crash Scene Essay

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• Traffic Template
• Ruler
• Internet Access (i.e. YouTube)
• Pencil
• Copy Paper
• Easer
• Traffic Crash Management Guide // by Donald J Basham
• Quiz
• Visual of Traffic Collision and the aftermath (VIDEO)


Students would be able to create a traffic accident diagram utilizing the above preparation material. Student would be able to follow specific guidelines to create a NOT to Scale incident and subsequently write a narrative of the accident scene.

In law enforcement, either as Police Officers or Public Service Aides/Community Specialist, you will respond and handle several traffic accident reports throughout the day. Every time, its
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You should determine the drivers of the vehicles involved in the crash. 1. Obtain their drivers’ license 2. Vehicle Registration 3. Insurance Information
You must VERIFY each driver’s identity. HOW? Use the information contained in their driver’s licenses, and check for outstanding warrants, License status (Valid, suspensions, expired, and or revoked). DRIVERS’ exchange of INFORMATION is important. You are required to adhere to the following:
1. Have parties involved to communication for the PURPOSES ONLY of exchanging information (Insurance data, names, vehicle information, address registration information.
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Furthermore, it’s important to safely and efficiently facilitate the roadway back to normal operation. Traffic accident investigations are managed and conducted also to determine traffic enforcement needs, engineering and educational needs. Students should be able to respond to, investigate and complete an accident report form when the vehicle accident happened on public or private property. You must be able to respond to the accident location, and determine that the incident meets the criteria set forth by FSS. Understanding the purpose that parties involve in a traffic crash can mutually exchange names, phone numbers, address in lure of an official traffic accident form/investigation. Student will understand what happened and determine cause factors for a traffic accident which are not limited to human error, mistake, material failure, or environment factors. Students should be able to properly investigate a crash investigation, obtain parties involved and witness information, determine specific cause (s), and fact-find accordingly to established guidelines. Should will understanding the proper techniques to clear the traffic scene and uses available resources to assist, such as a wrecker, other officers, fire rescue or the

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