Traffic calming

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  • Pedestrian Adaptationist Study

    Introduction Legally pedestrians in the United States always have the “right of way” when interacting with vehicle traffic, and therefore factors like location should not impact pedestrian safety. We wanted to observe if there are any location-based norms of pedestrian-driver interactions and assess whether these differences suggest different allocations of road sharing between pedestrians and drivers. A 2005 paper by Kameda, Takezawa, and Hastie, examines an adaptationist approach to social norms of communal sharing. Our study expands upon this approach by observing how decisions about resource allocations are made in real-world situations. Crosswalks without traffic lights present an uncertain resource allocation scenario. While vehicles…

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  • Roadways Of The Future Essay

    drivers to get around easier. One of the ways it will get drivers to their destinations quicker is it will “eliminate congestion in growing urban areas with intelligent infrastructure communicating with smart cars” (Blau). The smart road will be able to inform the smart car and driver if there is congestion building up so the driver can start to slow down and figure out what to do. The smart road will inform the smart car how many other cars are in traffic and at what pace the traffic is moving.…

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  • Analysis Of Lucille Fletcher's 'The Hitchhiker'

    -------Strange noises, eerie stranger, and phantasms are things that often pull an audience into a suspenseful story. In Lucille Fletcher’s The Hitchhiker a man is driving from his home in Brooklyn to the west coast. Along the way he continues to see a man who makes him nervous. Eventually, this vision makes him question his sanity. This play works because of the plot decision that the author has made. Fletcher uses the element to plot to create an effective story. -------One of the first…

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  • Compare And Contrast Summer And Driving In The Winter

    To begin with, I will be comparing how driving in the summer and driving in the winter are different and how they are also alike. There are different skills that are needed for driving in the summer versus driving in the winter. To start, driving in the winter can be more difficult to drive through and that is because of the weather conditions. In winter, the weather is always changing,it could be rain, snow, sleet, hail, and all four of them can be very difficult to drive through because it…

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  • Psychoanalytic Theory And Humanism

    So because they felt bad they knew how the student was feeling and wanted help them out so they don’t feel how they felt in their dream or childhood. Humanism Humanism approach could explain this situation by having the person decide whether they wanted to do the right thing and help the student out. Also they could examine the event and the feelings the student was feeling at that time to help them out. Neurobiological Neurobiological approach cannot explain this situation because…

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  • Essay On Winter And Driving

    Knowing how to drive can be so much helpful, but is not always easy or comfortable. Driving in the winter or in the summer can be hard to deal with. Both of the seasons have their own cons or pros, things everyone has to deal with. Both of the seasons have a very particular climate that can make it hard to drive. Driving in the summer is not that bad as driving in the winter, but is still a challenge. The weather is just not good if you are not properly prepared. As everyone knows, summer has…

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  • Essay On Side Impact Collision

    When the victim runs a red light, he risks getting T-boned by cross traffic. On the other hand, when the victim drives through a green light, a car running a red light at the same intersection can strike him on the side. Distracted driving. A distracted driver can either drive in front of cross traffic and get struck, or collide into the side of a car in front of him. This distraction can occur either because the driver wasn't looking, or failed to mentally focus on his driving. Driving too…

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  • Bicyclist Research Paper

    Even though 3.6 percent of New Orleanians commute by bike, a ranking with 52 large cities “Found New Orleans had the fifth-highest rate of biker deaths per capita, at 5.54 deaths per million residents, from 2009 through 2011” (Lane). Because the bicyclist has very little riding space on the lane, they are at risk from getting hit. Bicyclists should not feel unsafe riding their bike around the city. One may assume that irresponsible drivers or drivers with no license usually are the ones who…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Texting And Driving Essay

    Provided: your speed is safe for the traffic conditions your speed is safe fortheroad conditions your speed is safe for the weather conditions you canstopsuddenly behind a vehicle that you're following - if a vehicle ahead of youstopssuddenly and you run into the back of it. Vehicle type Maximum open road speed limit Heavy motor vehicles andheavymotor vehicles towing trailers 90km/h Vehicles with a gross vehicle mass*ofover 2000kg and are displaying school bus signs 80km/h Light…

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  • Traffic Congestion Speech

    Topic: Causes of Traffic Congestion Thesis statement: Traffic congestion is caused by high volumes of vehicles, inadequate infrastructure, illegal parking and pedestrian crossing. Sub-topics Topic sentences High volumes of vehicles A major reason for traffic congestion is the high volume of vehicles. Inadequate infrastructure Along with vehicular increases another contributing factor to traffic congestion is inadequate infrastructure. Illegal…

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