The Importance Of Driving Like A Local In Italy

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How to drive like a local in Italy.
I love driving in Italy! The roads twist through some of the most breath taking scenery in the world and a drive in Italy can elevate the road trip to a whole other level. When we travel we like to live like locals and why should that not extend to driving like a local or at least accepting the inevitable when you hit the roadS of Italy.
Start with choosing a reputable and reliable rental company and schedule your pick up smartly. Do you really want to try and drive out of the centre of Rome or could you pick up on another leg of your trip? We have used Auto Europe in the past and they have been very reliable and offered great service.
Take a look around on the streets and you will see that most cars have
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The first is always stay to the right unless you are passing. Leave your signal on when you pass to let any cars behind you know you will resume in the right lane as soon as you finish passing. Check your mirrors super well before you pull out to pass because often you can discover a vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed making pulling out very dangerous. Flashing headlights mean they are in a big hurry and worth staying right until they are safely passed.
The second important rule is to know your off ramps and on ramps. Know what cities and towns are in your direction of travel to make sure your heading off the right branch of a round about and down an on ramp in the correct direction. The A1 does not have frequent off ramps in most places so missing your exit can add a lot of time and hassle for a turn around, know the number of your exit and be prepared to slow down to the ticket booth and be ready to pay without holding up the person behind
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Don 't forget what can be a lot of fun for a driver, twisting down a valley road, can wear thin on passengers. Although you can not avoid the curves in the road what you can avoid is being heavy on or jabbing the brakes frequently. That constant stopping motion contributes to car sickness the most and annoys drivers behind you. Instead try to pick the proper gear, look ahead, corner smoothly and brake sparingly. Once you get the hang of it you will be able to enter and exit roundabouts smoothly and safely keeping things moving and drivers

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