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  • Feminism In Grandma And The Dancing Girl

    Feminism, and the idea of gender equality, clashes harshly with the cultural sense of traditionalism in both Grandma the Progressive and The Dancing Girl through male and female perspectives. Within these stories, traditional stigmas and unequivocal prejudice is placed on Thai woman causing conflict and a reevaluation of gender equality. Although humorous, Grandma the Progressive focuses on an aristocratic and traditional idol for the granddaughters to become. Grandma dwells on the past and uses her matriarchal position to impose her traditionalist stigmas to her future generation. The Dancing Girl uses a unique male position to draw criticism upon the male prospective of woman in the society. Through the thematic setting of fishing, essential…

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  • Traditionalism Vs Traditionalism

    As North America became a conglomerate of the various races and peoples, all with different goals in mind for this part of the world, learning to coexist and survive became more pivotal than ever. The Native Americans that were indigenous to this land were thrust into a more modern world with technologically advanced Europeans, forcing them to either adapt and survive or wilt away. They were faced with difficult paths that would define not only their survival, but who they were as a people, and…

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  • Traditionalism Essay

    Traditionalism focused to the facts that has been before the modern world between human beings and human society. Trust is one of the fundamental elements of social interaction which has a decisive role in solving the problems of social order and considered a key precondition for the existence of the community. This study seeks to explain the role of traditionalism and social confidence in the development of the city of Mirjaveh. The aim of this study is to determine the traditionalism impact…

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  • Traditionalism In The 1920s

    During the 1920s, culture began to flourish as America expanded. New cities brought in the urban lifestyle. This expansion led to ideas transcending their traditional roots. Yet, as more urban based communities were formed, traditionalists began to fight back against their ideas. Many traditionalists didn’t accept the new culture, and wanted to stop it. A main example of an urban-based culture was the flappers. Flappers were the new modern, independent women of that time. Women began to…

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  • Traditionalism In The Sound Of Waves

    In Yukio Mishima’s novel, The Sound of Waves, the use of nature and the evidence of traditionalism are both concepts that are instrumental in forming the plot and of themes of the story. Traditionalism, which is a belief, and nature, which is seen as divine power, coexist in The Sound of Waves, where the acts of nature in the novel often work in ways to support the traditionalistic views of pre-modern Japan. To be able to fully analyze the effects traditionalism has on nature in the novel, one…

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  • Modernism Vs Traditionalism Analysis

    One of the many important trends in Janie’s world is still relatable to today’s society, and it is the controversial idea of traditionalism verses modernism. Of course back in the 1930s, tradition was much stronger than it is today in the 21st century, but people all around the world (particularly teenagers in the age of social media) still deal with the same issues. In Janie’s case, she has to please her Nanny’s (grandmother’s) version of a fulfilling lifestyle by marrying into a loveless…

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  • Traditionalism Vs Football

    If you have ever been to a football game, you have most likely noticed the different kinds of fans. It doesn’t matter what level of football you are watching, there are fans that range anywhere from the quite traditional guys to the die-hard guys who overdress and paint their faces and bodies. Fans for all sports, especially football, all have different ways to cheer on their team but one thing is clear and that is that they love their sport. The Traditionalist is probably the most common…

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  • Traditionalism Vs Enlightenment

    There are two different types of people in the world: those who embrace change with open arms and those who resist it and push it away. These people could be put into two separate categories with the Enlightenment thinkers accepting the changes and the Traditionalists opposing it. The Enlightenment period brought about new ideas about religion and science that were opposite the Church’s beliefs. John Locke is considered to be one of the first people to publicly embrace a new way of thinking in…

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  • Symbols And Traditionalism In The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

    The story tells that some established customs in society could harm its citizens and even create violence between them. Blind people’s traditionalism in the story leads to rejecting the understanding of the purpose of the annual lottery ritual. Though the elements of fiction in her story, Shirley Jackson shows that although the villagers do not try to maintain the specifics of the lottery, they do not want to improve upon the tradition either. Moreover, she wants to convey to the reader that all…

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  • Traditionalism And Modernism In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

    Throughout the story it is explained that the lottery has taken place annually for several decades. However, it is at the point now that the lottery has been going on for so long that no one actually remembers why it was started to begin with. The only hint as to the original purpose of the lottery is given to the reader by Old Man Warner. Coulthard states that, "[Old Man Warner] is the only villager who seems to believe in the supposed original purpose of the sacrifice: " Lottery in June corn…

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