Traditionalism Vs Football

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If you have ever been to a football game, you have most likely noticed the different kinds of fans. It doesn’t matter what level of football you are watching, there are fans that range anywhere from the quite traditional guys to the die-hard guys who overdress and paint their faces and bodies. Fans for all sports, especially football, all have different ways to cheer on their team but one thing is clear and that is that they love their sport.
The Traditionalist is probably the most common sports fan that you might hear about and/or see. With the traditionalist, when it comes to game day they will sit down and watch the game and root on their team, but won’t get too crazy. They might wear a shirt or jersey but won’t go over the top with the
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They’re usually the ones who are on TV commercials and that the broadcasters at the games single out. Usually on game day for Die-Hard fans, if they aren’t tailgating and having a good time at the game, they are at their house or even at a friend’s house and they are usually head to toe in their team’s game day gear. Some people will have anything from just a jersey to face paint and props to go with their outfit. And they almost always have friends that are Die-Hard fans too and on game day they will usually have a party or at least invite people over to watch the game to eat and drink and hangout. For Die-Hard fans, pretty much every game is treated with the same respect and attention as the superbowl. When I think of Die-Hard sports fans, I mostly think of the Oakland Raiders fans. Raiders fans do some pretty wild things sometimes and dress to match. For Die-Hard fans, their sport most definitely comes first before all other things. Sometimes they might even take off work or cancel plans that they may have already had because they game is on or because they are traveling to the game. If they are either at the game or watching it from their couch, most Die-Hards won’t dare get up while the game is playing. Even if they have to use the restroom or something, they will not get up because they don’t want to miss any of the action. Also, when it comes to spending money each season, the Die-Hard fans almost …show more content…
These guys aren’t really sports fans. Yes, they may have their favorite team but they will pick their favorite player over their favorite team any day. The Fantasy guy will pick out all of the players that he thinks are the best in the league and put them onto one team. When game day comes around for them, they won’t just watch one game or their favorite team. They might have the TV on a channel that has multiple games playing at once and they most likely have their computer out and/or their phone or tablet to keep up to date on the points that their fantasy players are getting. Their sport most definitely comes first before other things because they are always checking to see if their fantasy players are injured or making plays out on the field. These fans will always have their phones in their hands now-a-days because that’s the easiest way to check that stuff and it becomes very addicting. Fantasy guys might not always sit down and watch the game, but they are always very into it and always thinking about it. As I said before, in today’s day and age, you can watch the game keep track of all the stats anywhere you want with all these new smart phones. These fans will get up whenever they feel like they want to because they know they won’t miss any of the action. They also don’t spend too much in a single season because they don’t normally go to games or anything of that nature. If they do spend

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