Definition Essay: The Sport Of American Football

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This game is unlike any other game people have played before. There is no way anyone can compare everything that ties into it. People literally have to have a couple of screws loose in order to be successful at it. Even if there are a couple of screws loose, that won’t carry the individual too far. Besides the insanity, passion is the main necessity. The game destroys people who can’t gain love and appreciation of it. Only a few men can play it, and an even smaller portion can truly be successful at it.The sport in question is the game of American football. A large majority of people only see football as a game and that’s it.Yes, it is a game, but it is far more than that. It is life rolled up into a game of inches. Just like life, there are no short cuts in football. It is either all about the grind or nothing at all. The people who put in the work shine and are glorified. The people who are slackers will quickly fade into the background never to be remembered. The Oxford English dictionary says,“football is any number of games played involving kicking or in some cases handling a ball.” This definition is far too plain and narrow to truly describe the sport of football. There are two different games that take on the name of football. In America, It is called soccer, but other countries refer to it as futbol. Football is considered …show more content…
Not everyone has such a positive outlook on the sport. Of course in life, not everyone will have the same opinion as each other and that is normal. If football was just a game everyone would be able to suit up and play. It wouldn’t get the same attention and popularity that it does. In actuality, only a special individual can play this game. Not everyone likes the idea of running full speed and hitting people over and over again. It is far from being a waste of anyone’s time. If it was a waste of time, so many young men wouldn’t be getting an education from

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