The Informative Speech: The Dangers Of Football

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In 2007, more than 920,000 athletes under the age of 18 were treated in emergency rooms or doctor’s offices. If that doesn’t say something about the dangers of football. I’m not sure what will.

II. Relating the topic to the audience: I bet most of you, if not all of you have watched or played football. On tv or in person you see the brutal hits that the players take. You also see the injuries they go throughout the game, or throughout an entire season.

III. Relating the topic to the presenter: During my years of playing high school football, I’ve woken up some mornings with throbbing headaches, pains I’ve never felt before, and bruises the size of a baseball. I never knew if it was a serious problem or not. I never went into the trainer
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Previewing the message: Football is dangerous at every level of play from the high school to the NFL. Injuries will occur at every level. Along with these problems, there are causes and also solutions to these problems that will examined.

Transition: I will now begin by explaining the problems with football


First Main point: Even though football is the greatest sport on the planet, it quite a few problems with it. The first main problem is the injuries throughout.

Before you can know the causes and solutions. You have to learn the problems.The first major injury is concussions.

1.There was 3,800,000 concussions reported in 2012. In most recent years they have increased up between 4 and 5 million (Head case).

2.Concussions are the most common injury that occur in football (Owens).

3.High school football alone accounts 47% of concussions of all concussions in sports (Head case).

4. Football is leading all sports with the highest concussion rate of them all. Football’s concussion rate is between 64-76.8 percent, which means that that is the percentage of people who suffer from a concussion in football (Head case).

B. Another major injury in football is knee injuries. They occur typically to ACL, PCL, or the
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In the National Football league there have been 219 ACL related injuries between 2010 and 2013 (Grier).

2. It is truly sad to say, but players with an ACL injury are likely to get an injury again. When you are playing a contact sport like football some people aren’t able to recover from an ACL injury. 18% of acl injuries occurred in players with a prior acl injury (Grier).

3. In the NFL, the positions who are most likely for an ACL injury are offensive and defensive lineman because of the amount of “cut blocks and shots to the knees that they take (Grier).

4. In a study out of Columbus, Ohio. Athletic trainers had to report to practice and game days for nine different sports teams. The data recorded was strictly for ACL/ knee injuries. Once the data was revealed there were 617 acl injuries. Football recorded the highest amount of acl injuries with 286 (Reuter).

Transition: Now that you know the serious problems that go along with football. I will now tell you about the causes of these problems.

II. Second main point: There are many causes for all of the injuries that happen in football. Some of these causes are very controllable or preventable.

The first cause of injury is an obvious one, but almost the most

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