High School Football In Texas

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I suppose every state, large city , or small town in the United States has its bragging rights on being champion in one sport or the other. Football comes to my mind, especially high school football in the State of Texas. Statistically, three states contribute more high school athletes to division 1A college football. California, Texas, and Florida are leaders in this category. I am most familiar with West Texas high school football, especially District IV- 5A. These are considered large Texas schools and pre season is never overrated. This district has proven to be one of the most prepared, hardest fighting, and well supported by Texas fans. To put things in perspective, here are the teams in District IV-5A: Odessa Permian, Odessa High, …show more content…
Of course these teams are in Odessa,Texas,Abilene,Texas, and Midland,Texas. Odessa Permian is probably most recognized. The movie, " Friday Night Lights" was about this team's struggle in a very competitive district and the journey to a Texas State Championship. The movie was right on as far as depicting a town and its attitude for expecting a state title year after year. The few scenes showing a grilling pre season was also …show more content…
When a game is on, it's like he tunes the rest of the world out and gets deep into the game and every winning score means a victory dance and a high-five to anyone that is within arms reach. The greatest thing about my husband being a huge football fanatic is that gift buying for him, can be easy. If I run out of ideas, I can always go with something football. Here is a list of the top items that you can buy for football fanatic. This list was created with the help of my husband and it was kind of a wish list that he had, had and I am sure that most football fanatics want these same things. 1. Football tickets. This is an easy one. What football fanatic do you know of that doesn't want tickets? If you really want to make him happy, buy him a seasons pass. If the person that you are buying for, goes to games often, you could be saving them a lot of money by doing this. Most companies give discounted prices when you purchase a seasons pass. If you think that it is rather costly, try getting a few friends or family members to go in with you on the gift. 2. Football bloopers. This is a cool gift to get some one who has a great sense of humor. I bought a bloopers DVD last year for my husband and everyone who walked in the door, had to see it. This gift is a wonderful gift that they can have for a while. 3. A barbeque grill. This one comes with the football parties that most football fans have. We usually have a huge

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