Is Texas Teerica By Jolly Ivins Analysis

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Indulgy website once said “Texas living is where the tea is sweet our words are long, the days are warm, and our faith is strong” For the past decade Texas has been viewed as its own “America”. In the text; Is Texas America by Molly Ivins she highlights some of the common Texan stereotypes and creates a generalization among all Texans. She does that through the use of comedy and irony. Creating the Texan to reconsider views of life in Texas. Although, one may disagree with Ivins claim on how the stereotypes represent all Texans, she does seek to highlight specific issues dealing with cultural aspects, racism, and political issues in Texas. No one ever questions the State they live in. Until one begins to tune in on what is really going on. Ivins in this case is the one that everyone is tuning in on. She states that Texas, is Texas because its “ignorant, cantankerous and ridiculously friendly” (341). Furthermore, Ivins …show more content…
Ivains questions on how Republican parties have dominated Texas by stating “there’s not a gay in midland would come out of the closet for fear people would think they’re Democrat” (342). Her use in irony explains how the people of Texas are more fearful someone categorizing them as democrats instead of coming out as gay. Since Texas takes republicans so serious. Second she goes on to state how “we are currently saddled with a right-wing ideologue sugar daddy” (344). She uses the term sugar daddy to give irony to how Texas government is being funded money from the government to meet Texas “needs/ lucherys”. This idea reinforces the stereotype that Texas has received in the past as being a state of corruption when it comes to money. Ivins use of irony in this case makes the reader reconsider whether or not they want to live in a state where the money that is being taken out for taxes is going towards the right needs or is being used with the citizens in

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