The Enlightenment And Traditionalism And The Enlightenment Way Of Thinking

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There are two different types of people in the world: those who embrace change with open arms and those who resist it and push it away. These people could be put into two separate categories with the Enlightenment thinkers accepting the changes and the Traditionalists opposing it. The Enlightenment period brought about new ideas about religion and science that were opposite the Church’s beliefs. John Locke is considered to be one of the first people to publicly embrace a new way of thinking in the 1600’s. He argued that people are born equal and have natural rights to life, liberty, and property. Although the Traditionalists of the time (the Church and governments) did not agree with these new ideas, the Enlightenment way of thinking began …show more content…
The middle eastern countries have long been involved in religious wars and continue to do so to this day. After the separation of Palestine into two states, a war broke out against the Arabs and Jewish people. Although it took place in the mid-1900’s, tension is still present between these two religious groups. The group ISIS is making headlines currently due to their extremist ideas and beliefs. They are known for their torturing and murdering of Christians, and attempting to convert them to the Islamic religion. These people can be considered Traditionalists in a sense that they believe one religion to be better than another, going as far as killing anyone that is different than them. Just like the Enlightenment thinkers passed down their ideas through generations, so did the Traditionalist way of thinking, which inspired the extremist groups in the middle east today. It is apparent that these conflicts will not subside anytime in the near future. While anyone could argue that there are pros and cons to both the Enlightenment and Traditionalist views and beliefs, it is clear that the nations that are built around the Enlightenment thinkers tend to have more peace in their homeland due to the open-mind concept and acceptance of others. Both categories of people have affected the world in a drastic way, and there will always be both types of thinkers in the world. However, there will not be peace without change, and in order for change to occur, people will have to adopt a new way of

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