Theme Of Discrimination In North Carolina

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Discrimination has been an ongoing struggle as far back as history can recall, and it is unfortunate that it is still an issue today. We have made tremendous progress for women, African Americans, and other minorities, but we are still in the midst of full rights for the LGBT community. It would be unrealistic to say that this community now has complete equality, especially when states like North Carolina pass laws allowing discrimination and refusal of treatments to the LGBT community. It is our social responsibility, as a country, to ensure the LGBT community receive the same rights and equalities that we have been pushing so hard for. The article that I chose is “Can North Carolina Get Away with Rolling Back L.G.B.T. …show more content…
Drucker saw how a “company’s negative impacts could be examined to see if they could be turned into something positive” (Cohen), which is what is happening in North Carolina. There has been thousands of reports about what has happened so far in this state, and it is mainly pushing the issue into the general public who might not see this discrimination every day. It allows more people to be involved and aware that the citizens of North Carolina can make this change. The final key theme is the critical importance of leadership (Cohen). It is evident that good leadership is needed to make a change, and the leaders in North Carolina need to realize the issue they are bringing to light. Much more harm than good will come from thins bill. There are different steps that could be taken to reduce the risks of other genders in the restroom besides removing their anti-discrimination rights completely. I think although this is an awful situation we have at this time, there are many changes we can take to stop it. We can advocate for the LGBT community, and fight for their rights. No citizen of the United States should ever be afraid to live as themselves, and we need to end this battle as soon as possible. We have a social responsibility to do so, as Drucker would

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