Informative Speech On LGBT

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A. Attention Device – Do any of you know someone identifies as a LGBT?

B. Tie to the Audience – Well if you do, the chances are they would tell you that sometime during their life they have personally been subjected to some form of discrimination due to their sexuality. In many states there are no laws to protect LGBT from being discriminated against. According to 65 percent of Americans live in places that have no laws protecting LGBT at the workplace or anywhere else for that matter.

C. Credentials – Myself being part of the LGBT community I can personally attest to the difficulty that surround equality problems for LGBT.

D. Purpose – The purpose of this speech it persuade everyone that, everyone is equal and
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Main Point One – First lets talk about the lack of state laws protecting these LGBT’s from hate crimes and discrimination in the US.

1. There are only 7 states and a handful of major cities that actually have laws in places protecting LGBT’s rights when it comes to hate crimes against them.

2. LGBT’s have no protection in the other states and can be denied housing or be denied service just for being homosexual.

B. Main Point Two – Secondly, gays and lesbians can be fired from their workplace just for identifying as a homosexual.

1. There are some companies, including most fortune 500 companies that do offer protection for gays and lesbians, but a big percentage do not offer these protections.

2. It’s really disturbing that a great free country such as the United States, we still lack basic equality laws for all of it’s citizens.

C. Main Point Three – Lastly, let’s talk about how still in schools there are no sex education on LGBT and how no LGBT can donate blood.

1. When your growing up you are trying to figure things out sexually, especially if you think you might be attracted to the same sex and in high school they won’t even teach their students the basic same sex practices and teach the kids how to have safe
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Openly out homosexuals still are not allowed to even donate their blood at their local blood banks, only because they are gay.


A. Purpose – In conclusion, I hope that I have persuaded in some way for you to join me in advocating for equality for the LGBT community through out this great nation we call home.

B. Thesis/Preview – As the facts show we in this country have serious lack of equality laws and real problem with correctly educating kids on the subject of LGBT.

C. Credentials – As someone who is part of this minority and who has personally experienced the problems I’ve been discussing, I can’t stress to you enough the need to advocate for change in this area. The facts that I’ve mentioned to you are easily accessible through the Human Rights Campaign’s website.

D. Tie to the Audience – As I mentioned when first starting this speech, you might know someone, even in your own family who has experienced the discrimination due to their sexuality. This is why it’s so important you recognize we need advocate for change in the last 29 states for equality laws to protect LGBT individuals. Never assume that the person sitting next to you might not identify as a homosexual, because your rejection could really hurt. Lets put a stop to all the depression caused by this

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