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  • Heredity And Structural Differences In The Brain

    student. Each student is a different world and need different approaches in the classroom. “As students with ADHD are a very diverse group, there is no one intervention or set of interventions that will improve the classroom functioning of all of these students. It is suggested that classroom modifications be tailored to unique needs” (Brock, S., et al. 2010. P.4). Regarding my own needs of growth to include and successfully teach a student with ADHD, I can say that I would like to work on modifying the classroom to help my student avoid distractions and make it easier for him to learn. The classroom that I´ve worked in, are full of charts and stimulus that can affect rather than help students with this condition. It is important to have what its necessary but not too much. It’s also important to start meeting frequently with colleagues to have conversations about ways to improve. Sometimes it’s helpful to listen to other professional points of views to enrich your own and find new ways to help your students. It´s hard to do this regarding the amount of work a teacher has. We have to find the times to come together as a team and evaluate our practices. We can always improve and find new effective ways to work with students with ADHD. There’s always new and useful research as well as the chance to try new things in the classroom that might be effective. In conclusion ADHD is a complex condition. All students are unique and different. They benefit from different approaches and…

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  • Blackberries Yusef Komunyakaa Analysis

    believe. Metaphor is often used to translate difficult to describe experiences and concepts into forms that those unfamiliar with these experiences will find easier to understand and more relatable, to make the indefinite definite and the intangible tangible. The purpose of metaphor and imagery in Yusef Komunyakaa’s poem “Blackberries” is to express the complicated and oftentimes confusing emotions which are associated with being a child of African American descent in the rural United States.…

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  • Public Shunning In The 21st Century

    Shunning, by definition, is to “persistently avoid, ignore, or reject (someone or something) through antipathy or caution”. During the earlier centuries, the use of public punishments not only allowed convicts to be humiliated in front of others, people used it as a way to make society fear the consequences of bad actions that went against society’s faiths and morals, thus leading to shunning. Now, shunning is growing rapidly all across the country and the world. Popular forms of 21st century…

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  • My Life And Life Of Marci Kathleen Holcomb

    Well okay it might have been a little helpful but still very different. With my own kids I never want to see them struggle. So I feel like I am constantly trying to intervene on their lives. I never want them to be upset or hurt because then it feels like I am not being a good mother, which can be very hard at times. Although being the oldest has helped. I got to see more of how my mother raised her children than say my younger siblings did. This helps a lot because if I ever feel like I am…

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  • Competitive Life Transitions

    up as a child physically I grew rapidly but self-awareness developed parallel to physical growth as well as interacting with others and the surrounding. As a child, I was protected by my family, especially by my mother because my father died when I was only 4 years old. When I entered into a school that was a different world from home. I made many friends saw up and down in friendship. I tried to be a good student and daughter as well. During childhood till teen, I tried to make my mother and my…

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  • Reflection Of Aging In Adulthood

    from birth, throughout a persons’ life, into and during old age. This theory was found to be most fitting for what aging means to me by focusing primarily on life experiences through early childhood to adulthood, as these are the most effective years that help shape that we become as individuals and establish who we are in the world. We gain certain behaviors through those who support us in life, and over the lifespan of life you find the people who care most about you. As we look into the…

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  • A Different World Cosby Show

    The television pilot that was analyzed was A Different World, a Cosby Show spinoff. The first episode of season one was titled “Reconcilable Differences”. The broadcast production aired on September 24, 1987. In addition, the notable talent of the show were Lisa Bonet, Marisa Tomei, and Dawwn Lewis. The 1980 comedy was co-written by Bill Cosby and Lissa Levin. The television show was conceived as a deviation of the Cosby Show by famed comedian, Bill Cosby. A Different World was produced by…

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  • A Different World: The Cosby Show

    A Different World “A Different World” was a spin-off sitcom of the “The Cosby Show,” which aired for six seasons between 1987-1993. It focused on primarily African American college students at the fictitious historical black college (HBCU), Hillman College, in Virginia. Before the Civil War, there was no form of higher education provided to African Americans, and higher education was prohibited in certain parts of the country. In 1892, the second Morrill Act was passed requiring states to…

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  • Reflection On Senior Practicum

    impressed with Shepherd’s Shelter Ross Rehab. I have learned a lot in six weeks about my agency and I know there is still more to learn as my journey at my agency continues. I did some brainstorming this week about what I want to do my research project on. It’s hard because there are so many different topics to write on especially when it comes to a substance abuse treatment center. I could do…

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  • Reflective Essay On Personal Identity

    our own good or self interest, when we understand the basic of ethical principles and guidelines it will assist us in making logical and appropriate decision instead of judging or using your opinion of who we are. Defining health is difficult. We need to consider many other areas when talking about health. I will say health is consider the relation to their values, personality and the lifestyle one lives. Age is individuals views, it’s vary among different age group. A few individuals pay…

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