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The television pilot that was analyzed was A Different World, a Cosby Show spinoff. The first episode of season one was titled “Reconcilable Differences”. The broadcast production aired on September 24, 1987. In addition, the notable talent of the show were Lisa Bonet, Marisa Tomei, and Dawwn Lewis. The 1980 comedy was co-written by Bill Cosby and Lissa Levin. The television show was conceived as a deviation of the Cosby Show by famed comedian, Bill Cosby. A Different World was produced by the Carsey-Warner Company. The show was originally broadcasted on NBC. The interesting fact about this pilot’s development was that it was technically the second pilot; episode two was the original pilot. The new pilot was created to provide the audience …show more content…
Right away the television show introduced her roommate, Jaleesa, a older divorcée who is the subject of rumor. This dilemma conflicted with Denise’s joyous plans for sophomore year because she feels uneasy around Jaleesa. Eventually she ask the resident director to find her a new room. Feeling guilty, Denise decided to try harder to get along with Jaleesa, but Jaleesa was already offended that she went behind her back. Subsequently, they get into an argument, and the audience and Denise are introduced to Whitley. In a similar fashion, Denise is driven insane by Whitley’s self-absorbed behavior. Afterwards, Denise apologizes to Jaleesa and asked for another chance, and Jaleesa agreed to stop being so defensive. Moreover, overzealous freshman Dwayne Wayne hits on every woman in sight at the Hillman. The pilot episode cleverly introduced the multiple core characters and their humorous yet tumultuous relationships.
A Different World was a thirty minute situational comedy which typically meant that the overall tone would be of a light hearted nature. The pilot episode matched the comedy tropes But what made the program so popular was its ability to inject humor alongside serious issues. These combination of attributes matched if not pushed the comedy genre forwards in terms of social
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Furthermore, the aspects that I would attempt to avoid from the pilot are actually touching on many issues that are still prevalent in the Black community and collegiate students instead of the average college experience. Since my pilot will take place at an Ivy-League school with a minority protagonist, it will be important to touch on such topics such as racial inequality and tension in a historically White university. Although widely criticized, the pilot episode did do a good job of injecting comedy within its run time as well as introducing relatable cast. I chose to emulate this part of the show because the cast and humor will be an essential piece in how the issues are received by

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