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  • Case Study: VOA

    what did you say your name was again? What kind of questions are they, and how long would it take?” I reiterated that my name was Jiaya Upchurch-Robinson, and informed him that the questions would not take to long. He asked if I could call back in fifteen minutes, and to ask to speak with Isaiah King. I gave him about a half hour until I called back, and once someone answered I asked for an employee by the name of Isaiah King. Luckily he was the person to answer the phone, so we got straight to the questions. What is your agency mission? Our mission is to help clients become more independent in their life. We also provide them with a home, and help them find jobs depending on their disability. What are your roles of the staff in this department? I am a Residential Program Counselor. What are the main duties? Provide one on one or group counseling, sessions to administer crisis intervention, instruct clients in skill achievement. How is this agency funded? This is a non-profit organization; we accept all donations. Although this organization is called Volunteers of America we are still paid employees. The clients pay rent from their SSI check or if they have a job they use that. All of our clients are given “walk around money” (WAM)…

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  • Seven Characteristic Traits Of A High Impact Hire

    Seven Characteristic Traits of a High Impact Hire 1. GRIT Start-up organisations are not only nebulous, but at the same time are fast-paced too. In such a new place of work, it is not uncommon for new joinees/hires to be the first ones to hold recently created job roles exclusive of comprehensible mandates. These new hires should be able to figure out how to carry out his roles and responsibilities in an efficient manner, keeping in mind the organisation’s goals while going at a fast pace.…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Observation In Biology Class

    Durish motivated the students during her second period lesson by being engaging with them. They did a food label worksheet and frequently asked them questions to keep them interested in the material. She used an upbeat tone of voice which helped to transfer her motivated aura onto the students. In her third and fourth periods, Mrs. Durish had to try a lot harder to keep her students motivated as they were in no way interested in learning. She frequently had to talk louder and in a more…

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  • Andrew Carnegie: A Hero Or Hero?

    how Andrew Carnegie lowering the wages of his workers while also playing the role of a philanthropist. In the political cartoon there are two of Andrew Carnegie each side facing the opposite way with different facial expressions. He is standing on a box with a dollar sign to the left side of the box and a lock on the right. The dollar sign and lock on the box seem to represent how Carnegie is in control of all of his businesses and money he makes. He is giving away $5000 to Scotland in the…

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  • Case Study Of Dimension: Quality Of Feedback

    continued participation. Summary of strengths: Scaffolding: There were a few examples of teachers providing children with the necessary help to allow them to succeed or complete a task. For example, a child was having difficulty opening up a cheese wrapper. The teachers provided assistance by giving verbal (push it up, hold it here and squeeze) and visual guidance (showing him how) to help the child to be able to complete the task on his own. When teachers consistently give children feedback…

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  • NCR Country Club: A Case Study

    position to make an informed decision on the future strategies regarding new member attraction. The first four steps of the management-research question hierarchy are the management dilemma, the management question, the research questions and the investigative questions. To begin, we must address the management dilemma in order to conduct an effective research process. The management dilemma of the NCR Country Club is the inability to attract new members to support the renovated facility.…

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  • What Are The Key Elements Of A Place Strategy

    My strategy is called PACE. Preview, Ask questions while reading (Bloom’s taxonomy style questions), column notes, and finally Elaborate the notes. Throughout my time in LTRE 190 I picked up on a few good strategies that I was good at and a few that I did not do so well on. Through that process I learned how I actually learn and how to become better at learning. My strategy device consist of strategies that worked well for me so I combined them. When a student uses PACE they are constantly…

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  • University Psychology Survey Essay

    study conducted was not thoroughly completed. The two students failed to follow the scientific method. There was no clear Hypothesis as to what the two students were studying. Simply having an opinion and asking a few questions to twenty-one random students will not give you sufficient amounts of data. Therefore, the first thing that raises suspicion is was the twenty-one students. Were students of the Psychology 101 class or previously attended? If the two students were just asking random…

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  • Maya, Aztecs And Incas: A Short Story

    we reached our goal for the day. As we were reading we came across the topic of the Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas. I got confused about the topic and had a question. After we finished the reading I raised my hand intending to ask a question. As I rose my hand I was excited to hear the answer and learn more about the…

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  • Workplace Interview Reflection Paper

    During this interview I felt my sister and I were ethical in our responses, mostly because we are both very comfortable with each other. In regards to if this were an actual workplace interview, our answers may tend towards a little exaggeration in hopes of landing a new job. Some questions we may have exaggerated on during a real interview would be questions four and five, “When have you failed? Describe what happened and what you learned from it?” and “How do you take advantage of your…

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