Reflection On Reflective Interview

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Reflective Journal Assignment – Assignment #2

This whole interviewing experience was pretty great and interesting from both sides of

the interviewing process; But while I was being interviewed, I felt a slight bit of discomfort

during the process and felt that while my “Social Worker” (Bailey) was interviewing me was just

a tad bit tense; And what I mean by her being tense is her posture was tense, like she didn’t

really seem comfortable at all interviewing me, and her voice was tense as well, she spoke fast

and rushed through everything which caused some discomfort. On the other hand, she did make

me feel like I was being heard, she never once broke her eye contact with me and somewhat

expanded on the questions she originally
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Also, I noticed that I tend to play with my hair a lot or just constantly move

it out of my face and push up my glasses a lot s well, and I also tend to fidget and play with the

sleeves of whatever I happened to be wearing (e.g. sweaters, long sleeved shirts, jackets, ect…).

I also noticed I tend to take a few awkward pauses here and there while talking, sometimes just

kind of zoning out instead of staying on the task at hand. I also tend to talk with my hands a lot

when expressing things, you cannot see this in the video of course but I know I was doing this

but I could not control myself from doing that.

Now if I had the chance to do the whole interviewing process again there are a few things

I would try to do better than I had the first time around. Those few things being, trying not to talk

too fast, quietly or mumbled, and I would also try to expand more on each individual
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I would also try to not take so many awkward

pauses in between words or phrases because I know that throws people off sometimes or

completely changes the subject.

There was quite a lot of good feedback my partner/client gave me after the interview

process, she told me that I had kept fairly good eye contact with and that I made her quite

comfortable with just the tone of my voice; Which made her feel like she could open up more

and talk to me, and she felt like she could trust me with everything she was saying.

What she said I really needed to work on though as to try and expand the questions a little

bit more, like ask sub-questions to the question I had already originally asked. She also

suggested that I should slow down my speech a slight bit and talk a bit louder because some of

the time my voice wasn 't loud enough for her to hear me. Also, she suggested to me that I should

wear a pin in my hair to keep me from having to move my hair out of my face every few seconds

and to wear something with short sleeves so I have nothing to play or fidget with.

What I feel really good about the way I was able to interview my client and the way

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