Thumbnail Final Project

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Students were able to take their thumbnails and proceed forward with their projects. I think overall they were able to explore using their final thumbnail. They were more energetic to work on their projects. I broke down the materials into groups and supplied those at different tables. This method worked extremely well in helping to not only keep myself organized but the students also.

Student 1M (first day): Once he finished up his thumbnail sketches he went and grabbed some of the practice clay in order to figure out his final project. His goal someday is to be a bull rider so his self-portrait consisted of a figure of himself riding a bull.

Student 2F (first day): Once she finished her thumbnail sketches I sat and discussed with her various
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When it came time to get started on working on her self-portrait she went and got her supplies she needed, however, it took her a bit to get started because she left what she wanted to use at home. Therefore, her and I discussed what were other things she could be doing for her project until she had the main item she needed. After our discussion she was able to accomplish certain steps to her goals with completing the project and was very excited with how it was turning …show more content…
She wanted advice on how to make her portrait stronger so we discussed it further. I offered her supportive and guided questions which helped her think further with her project. We looked some ideas up online which provided some additional guidance and incorporated the use of technology.

Student 1M (forth day): I had a long talk with the class about the expectation on what is a strong self-portrait versus a weak self-portrait. I felt the need to have this discussion because the class was just rushing through the project and becoming increasing sloppy. In having the discussion he started to redefine his work and slow down in order to create a much better self-portrait.

Student 2F (forth day): She continued with her self-portrait as planned. The day before we looked at what mixed media is and how she could incorporate this into her self-portrait. She went all out by working with sculpture technique, collage, painting, etc. We also discussed what the differences with a 2D work of art versus a 3D work of art. The kids tend to forget a 3D work of art such as a sculpture you need to be able to view it from all sides. In a 2D work of art you view it from one

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