Personal Narrative: A Career In Substance Abuse

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When I first decided to go back to school in 2013, I wanted to work in the substance abuse field. Due to my personal experience with opiate addiction, I knew that I could help a population of people who needed it the most. Half way through my Associate degree, I lost Cody, who was someone I loved very, much to a heroin overdose. Everyone I worked with was him and I saw him in every client. When the grief and the confusion lifted, I knew that working with addiction so directly, was now too close to home. During my second internship at ATTIC Correctional Services, I worked closely with a clinician who is dually licensed in substance abuse and mental health. It was at that time when I realized I wanted to go into mental health. I did not yet know how, but I was positive it was the road I was going to take. I knew I had the ability to be a strong student and I wanted to further my education at a university. The option of social work seemed perfect to me and learning the University of Stevens Point-Wisconsin offered the program, was even more convincing. After I …show more content…
Michelle articulated clearly with her answers and provided thorough information. She presented as a very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner, who has done a lot of speaking about her profession. Our body language was very open as we sat across from each other. We could meet and keep eye-contact as I exhibited I was inviting and actively listening. I felt our body language was very indicative of the SOLER acronym.
After talking about self-care, I felt the interview winding down and took steps to have a smooth ending. I told Michelle that I had more than enough information and thanked her for her time. I explained to her, my current position with ATTIC Correctional Services and a little bit about what I currently do and my love for working with oppressed populations, especially those who suffer from addiction. We shared a couple laughs and shook

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