Social Work Scholarship Essay

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Growing up with a social worker as a grandfather, I always knew working with people was something I wanted to do with my life. In high school, I was given a wonderful opportunity of working with a social worker. The way she empowered me made me realize I wanted to help people just as she had helped me. The undergrad Social Work program and Iowa taught me that social work is more than just helping people. Here, I learned how to be more culturally competent, work to empower oppressed individuals, allow client self-determination, as well as social work basics. Now, I am confident the graduate program here at Iowa will help me expand my knowledge even further. I am motivated to continue my education so I can get out into the working world and become a counselor. I hope to apply my knowledge and experiences in the working field, and represent the University of Iowa School of Social Work with professionalism and great competency. A long-term goal of mine is to one day own my own practice because it will not only challenge me professionally, but hopefully provide positive services to my community. This is a goal I have had for a while, and I have always been the type of person to set goals, and work my hardest to reach them.
I have always felt a readiness to take
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I am hardworking, confident in my work, and very eager to learn. I believe I am an empathetic person with great listening skills which is beneficial to my clients. I also have a lot of energy and passion to put into being a social worker. If accepted, I will be putting 100% of my efforts in the social work program. I have worked hard to be financially stable so I can focus completely on my studies and achieve my goal of getting my M.S.W. While in the graduate program, I wish to enhance my knowledge on intervention strategies and techniques to working one-on-one with a

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