Thoreau, Plato, And Frankl: Course Analysis

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In this course we have read the works of several Philosophers, Thoreau, Plato, Huxley, and Frankl. Each had their own style and views of life. The class is asked to choose two Philosophers that agree on an idea that is most important to us. That idea for me is living the best life a person can. So my two Philosophers are Plato/Socrates and Frankl. The second question; what is “doing philosophy is all about”, the third question is why the philosophers we have read think philosophy is important and lastly what will I take forward or what made the most impact on how I will live my life.
The first book we read was Plato’s “The Last Days of Socrates” it has stayed with me through this course. Plato’s “Crito” has so many of Socrates
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Each Philosopher in their own why tried to make others think about what was happening, said or shown to them by the Philosopher and others. They showed us how to see all sides of any subject in the world around us. That was achieved by asking questions and sometimes looking sideways at things. For Plato it was showing how Socrates would question some one’s opinion about things. The example here is when Socrates spoke with Crito about escaping, “don’t you think that it is good enough to say that one should not value all the opinions that people hold, but only some and not others?” (p.85). In this passage Socrates is trying to get Crito to see the possibility of escape in another way. How it could be detrimental to Crito in a way that he had not looked at. Whereas, in Thoreau’s writings; he used the study of nature to bring us knowledge in philosophy. Thoreau showed us that we could find peace and harmony in the outdoors and not in material things. He like Socrates believed in “living the life of simplicity” (p. 182). This was another way to look at the world around us and ask questions. “When we are unhurried and wise, we perceive that only great and worthy things have any permanent and absolute existence.” (p. 185-186). I take this to mean that we need to slow down and learn to find “great and worthy things”. In the case of Huxley it strikes me that he also in his utopia saw the …show more content…
First of all, the idea I will think more about is the work and leisure parallel. The question in Pieper’s book do “we work for leisure or have leisure for getting ready to work?” (p. 49). I am really not sure which it is, but one of these days I will figure it out. Why do I think it is important? It is kind of like the chicken and the egg, which comes first. We have to have work so we can afford leisure. On the other we need leisure before we work to have the strength to do what needs doing. The idea that will most impact my life will be the one of hope. Frankl made it clear without hope where is the reason to live? The statement is a self-explained statement. I really think people without hope have no reason to continue day after day. It is hope that makes a person start each day new and ready to face it. The hope it will be better or the hope for finding happiness. For many it is the only reason to get up in the morning. For a four letter word it is one of the most powerful that there is to be found. So it is important never to lose hope with all your troubles and problems. I have faith in God that with each new day he gives me, he will show me how to find the happiness. Also God will give me some days where there is only a little hope to be able to be thankful for the days full of hope and happiness. There will always be hope in my world just as there was hope in Frankl’s

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