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  • Being Good At School

    I believe the definition of being good at school is that you are obedient and respectful, and you don’t talk back to an adult. Also you would have to do all your work. But when it comes to home it’s a little different because first you always have to be obedient and respectful, and you only speak if spoken to. Secondly you would have to do ALL your chores and homework. So I would define being good or doing good meant to treat others how you would like to be treated. For example you don’t want any one yelling at you or being disrespectful to you so then don’t do it to an adult. The actions of being good would include having a seat in the classroom quietly and wait until your teacher gives you further instructions. Also an action would be to…

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  • Is Public School Good Or Bad

    Almost nothing good comes from public schools. I hear that public school is a place where fights, drugs, shootings, and terrible teachers can happen. Only one thing good comes from public schools, all kids can go to get some education and parents can go to work then. I see schools as necessary but need more improvement. Parents have to deal with their kids bad attitudes that they can pick up from school. In some places, schools don’t have good security and shootings happen. Some teachers do not…

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  • Good High School Curriculum

    The most important aspects of choosing a school vary from many ranging options. Anybody can choose a school to attend, but what makes a "good" or "bad" high school? Though there are lots of things that make up a high school, I believe that curriculum is the most important aspect that defines a good high school. Developing a promising curriculum helps the teachers; students, faculty members, and community follow a certain structure for a quality program. The curriculum identifies where students…

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  • Is Public High School Good Or Bad

    “School can bind as effectively as it can liberate; it can enforce conformity and limit life chances as well as foster individual talent” (Colombo, 107). I attended DuBois Area High School, which is a public high school in a middle class town. There was about 1200 students in my school so I knew a lot of people but I would see new faces almost every day. I believe there are good things and bad things about public high schools because they have good and bad programs, they push you to go to…

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  • Are High School Sports Good For Kids Essay

    Six hours of school isn’t the best thing. I just want it to end and head over to the field where I can shine and have fun with my friends. Sports are everywhere. We see them on TV, the news, in real life and many other ways. Many people state that sports are just not that important, are way too expensive and cause too many injuries. I totally disagree with this and think sports are very helpful to children as they help in multiple ways, such as improving your grades, boosts your confidence and…

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  • Why Do We Need Good Leaders In Schools Essay

    Schools need good leaders in order for their students to succeed. If you do not have good leaders in your school the less likely the students will be comfortable going to someone for help or with a problem they have. Not many schools today have good leaders. There are a lot of schools that I know that will not help students or help fix a problem, and are just too lazy to do anything. It is like they are there more for just the money and their benefit than the students. I feel that teachers put…

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  • Private Schools In Susan Nussbaum's Good Kings Bad Kings

    On January 8th, 2002, George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) into law. This act was created out of concern that the United States’ education system was no longer globally competitive. Under NCLB, schools were required to test all students in reading and math during grades 3 through 8, and once in high school. Schools must have all students at a proficient level, or they face state intervention. This could include taking the school over, turning it into a charter school, or…

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  • Are Field Trip A Good Way To Spend School Funds Summary

    In the article titled “ Are field trips a good way to spend school district funds?” written by Lillian Mongeau on May 12,2015 talk exactly what the title says that if school should spend more funds on a field trip then before. This article has both positions in why the school should and shouldn't spend more money on taking the student on a field trips. Here is one reason for each side 1. Student gain more knowledge 2. Students don't really care and its a waste of class time.The thing is that…

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  • Personal Statement Essay: What Makes A Good Student In High School

    senior in High School, it is becoming the time that I start applying for colleges, and making decisions for my life after I get out of High School. With that being said, most colleges expect potential students to write a personal statement essay, describing why he/she would make a good student for their school. In a personal statement letter or essay, students write about their achievements in school, and why the said student would make a good addition to the school they are applying for.…

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  • Analysis Of Geniuses Part 1 And 2 By Gladwell

    different types of geniuses, their environments that they were raised in and how they turn out. A child can have a high IQ, go to an average school, live in a poor to middle class community and not get the nurturing that is needed to become successful. However, a child comes from a wealthy environment they may have the advantages of a good school, and parents who know where they need to go for them to become a doctor, an engineer etc. Children unless they highly motivated may not research or…

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