Is Public School Good Or Bad

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Almost nothing good comes from public schools. I hear that public school is a place where fights, drugs, shootings, and terrible teachers can happen. Only one thing good comes from public schools, all kids can go to get some education and parents can go to work then. I see schools as necessary but need more improvement. Parents have to deal with their kids bad attitudes that they can pick up from school. In some places, schools don’t have good security and shootings happen. Some teachers do not do their jobs well, making kids not receive good education. I see public schooling as bad today because parents cannot shelter their kids, dangers threaten their lives, and they do not receive good education. First of all, parents cannot shelter their kids from not so good things. I hear that fights, drugs, bad language, and bullies occur a lot at public schools. My parents tell me how to act when I am homeschooled. For public schoolers, the kids around them will encourage them to take drugs, use bad language, and fight. I overheard a kid boasting before of how he had wan a fight he had picked against another kid, not realizing that this is wrong. When I …show more content…
Public schools rarely teach students like they should. Home schoolers in New Mexico do not have to take tests with public schoolers because they did as well or better than them. Some people say this helps make the public schoolers not look so bad. My sister gets frustrated at Collage when her classmates she is helping do not know simple algebra problems in calculus. Unfortunately, the teachers have to push the struggling students and keep back the students going ahead. If my cousin was public schooled, he would stay at Algebra for the next year. Instead, since my aunt homeschools him, he goes through calculus right now. If public schools had a better way to teach thirty kids at once, then everyone would view the schools in a better place of

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