Personal Narrative: How Art Has Changed My Life

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A is for Art
The pencil screeched as I drew on the canvas. Carefully examining my work, I wiped the eraser shavings off the paper. The many styles and mediums of art allow for change and variety while making art, rather than consistently working on similar project. Art has been enjoyable in my life, since it gives me a chance to express and design what I think and feel on paper. Being able to draw is handy in life, whether to draw a sketch of something, making a project for school, or showing off to your friends. Art has changed my life not only by improving my skills, but the way I look at objects and shapes. I added a few finishing touches to perfect the picture, and I placed it in a drawer with my other artwork, to perhaps look back at it another day. Little did I know, after a few years, I would laugh at the how different and unskilled I was back then. D is for Development
My fingers scrambled across the keyboard to finish my program. After hitting “run,” I see an unwelcome result, a malfunction, a sign that something was wrong with my code. By developing,
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Minutes ago, the teacher had instructed for us to begin the problems, and my heart pounded from the pressure and adrenaline. I ran down the list of problems, checking if I had made a careless error on any of the problems. As the time slipped away, the test was collected, and I pondered continuously about how well I did on the test. My love for math started from these competitions, testing my knowledge in an exciting, reward-based way. Math has always been a large part of my academic life, regardless of being in school or extracurricular. I believe math is important in everyday life, useful while getting into college, and getting a job, leading to a successful life. A couple hours later, at the awards ceremony, I heard the words “Third Place: Daniel Dai!” and walked up to receive my award for the work I had

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