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  • Toy Shop: A Trip To A Toy Store

    Toy stores are fun for anyone to go into, so for this assignment I went to an actual toy store. For me a toy aisle wasn’t good enough. I wanted that childlike feeling of joy, wonder, and awe. The story is a little shop down on Massachusetts Avenue (Mass. Ave.) called “Mass. Ave. Toy Shop. It has been one of my favorite places to go since I was little and I thought it would be great for this assignment. The reason I did is because this store is a little different, not like your traditional toy aisle in Walmart. I want to start this paper off by talking about the arrangement of the store, it is one of my favorite things about this place. The store is not split up into gendered sections, there is no sign that says boys or girls. The great thing…

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  • Interview On Toys

    For the interview , I asked a Quincey -playing in the building area, building with blocks, what is favorite toy was, and he grabbed some building blocks, and stacked them ,and replied ” Blocks are my favorite toys , especially the green ones.” I asked him “why” , and he responded that - “you can build towers.” He said “you can build a red tower, a blue one, a green one, and lastly a yellow one.” Quincey stated he also enjoyed counting them. He is fully engaged in building, and can build small…

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  • Toy Play Analysis

    Using toys to play holds a critical role in the intellectual and social development of children. Children often use their daily playtime as a way to engage in the world around them. This play also helps them to have a better understanding of their surroundings. The most recent definition of play consists of five different criteria according to Pellegrini and Boyd (as cited in Toy Play in Infancy and Early Childhood: Normal Development and Special Considerations for Children with Disabilities,…

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  • Maria Edgeworth's Toys

    Roland Barthes “Toys” and Maria Edgeworth’s “Toys” they both talk about how toys have affected the culture for the good and the bad. Toys have had a big impact on the way children grow up; it has changed the culture since younger generations are becoming adults. While I was growing up as a child one of my favorite toys was the Gameboy. It had many different games that you could play. The Gameboy was a massive technologic advance that the children of my generation got to play with. I think it has…

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  • Gender Toys Analysis

    An Analysis on Gendered Toys In western society we have a binary system for gender, we teach our kids about gender roles “society’s concept of how men and women are expected to look and how they should behave”, and expectations by the toys marketed toward them and parents buy them (OpenStax College 259). But how is it that the toys children play with enforce gender roles? The toys marketed to children have hidden aspects, demonstrating how we expect children to behave “based on norms, or…

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  • Essay On Gender Toys

    As a child and now as an adult I have always enjoyed toys, so this report will be reporting on children’s gender and toys. While shopping for my family and friends children for birthdays and Christmas I will play with the toys to check them out to see if they would enjoy the item chosen. It takes me back in time as a child and the memories that I had, so it can be extremely difficult being and adult shopping for kids. I contacted and spoke to Kathy at Hasbro Toy Company who completed my…

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  • Essay On Victorian Era Toys

    Victorian Era Toys and Games Research Paper In the Victorian Era, children played with toys and games just like modern day children do. Victorian Era children played with different, as well as similar toys and games that were made if ways according to your wealth. A great example of this is with skipping ropes, also known as jumping ropes today, were a very popular toy to play with in the Victorian Era. Rich families would have expensive, hand carved handles for their ropes while poor…

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  • Essay On Toy Safety

    Yes Mattel had acted in a socially responsible and ethical manner with regards to the safety of its toys. Whereas he terminated several dozen suppliers for noncompliance and made numerous changes in its own plant. He also did a recall on the toys that were found panted with lead, which is stated to be a harmful neuro toxin and dangerous to children who ingested or swallow bits of the paint. Mattel could have implemented a strict safety checkpoint from the beginning. As such he could be able to…

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  • Gender Toys Research Paper

    Gendered Toys Revolution What kind of toys should parents get for their children is the question for every parent? Normally, boys and girls have very separate toys with different colors, which are pink or blue. Scientists have shown many of theories about how children are socialized. Playing is one of the main components in many of these theories. It is the way that children learn the different expectations for how boys and girls act. While a boy enjoys playing with building blocks, a girl…

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  • Toy Play Case Study

    1. What are ALL of the toys the infant / child is interested in? Name at least three different toys. What are the fine motor requirements for playing with one of these toys? Be comprehensive when you describe the fine motor requirements (symmetry, posture, muscle work, range, coordination, type of grasp) i.e. not simply examining motor control of the digits (4 points) (Wisconsin Child Welfare Training System, 2006) The infant was playing with a variety of toys but he particularly was…

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