Toyo Ito Theory

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solve primary form problems and he has been able to keep technologically complication under control. The application of technical resources actually serve the morphological lighting and dematerialization of the construction.

At the same time Toyo Ito working on the project of Mediatheque, he start to use “blurring” term to describe his architectural theories. Image 8
Due to the development of modern technology, people start to complete more complex tasks with the help of technical devices. Communications between individuals are no longer limited in conversation or body language. Human body extended by modern mechanical technology. The experience of the body effects the purpose and way of using specific technology to achieve his aim and leave a particular message or information which recorded the whole process of this activity. Take a tool as an example, if the more times for a person
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Much more earlier than Sendai Mediatheque, Tower of Winds was built in 1986 in Nishi-ku. Compared to Sendai Mediatheque, Tower of Winds rivets attention on one environmental elements rather than providing a space for several sensations at the same time. Seems like effected by Kazuo Shinohara and have his own opinion about Silver Aesthetic, Toyo Ito spent plenty of time on study the properties of metal and glass, such as his work Nagaoka Lyric Hall “enveloped by corrugated glass”, Silver Hut with “airy steel structural roof” and Hirashima Messe Convention Center Project which “consist of steel-frame sandwich panel plates” and “mesh structure” . The metal skin made of aluminum panels which enhances shinning metal form of building in the daytime. When the dark fall as shown in Image 10, “kaleidoscope” is turned on, showing a stunning scene of scattering with reflection.

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