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  • Tracheostomy Care Essay

    There is a vast body of knowledge related to teaching and learning. Not only is it important for educators to be aware of this theoretical work, but they must be able to integrate this knowledge in a way where they can translate it into practice. Educators must use a variety of teaching methods and strategies to meet the needs of learners. This paper will provide a guide for a new educator to facilitate a tracheostomy care in-service to nurses, using a multimodal approach. Keywords: teaching methods, nurses, education, strategies, A Teaching Guide for Educators and the Teaching of Tracheostomy Care Clinical educators are in a unique position where they have the ability to influence the professionals they teach and in turn the patients cared for by these professionals. Educators simply cannot be aware of the wide array of teaching philosophies, models, theories, frameworks and strategies that exist. They must find a way adopt their own personal philosophy and translate this into practice. Educators must recognize the diverse background, experiences, and needs of the professionals they teach and cater their methods to meet the population they serve. The following paper is a teaching guide directed at a new educator, on teaching tracheostomy care to nurses and the theoretical background behind the strategies used. Teaching Plan This in-service is designed for a maximum of twelve nurses or students. The setting is a classroom/board/conference room. Throughout the class be sure…

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  • How Can Domestic Violence Happen To Anyone Essay

    focusing more, and so many sounds and my body felt so heavy. I admit panic set in very quickly as I realized I couldn’t even move my arms or legs. My dad did try in the calmest way he could and explain that I didn’t just sleep until they showed up but, that I had been “sleeping” for 6 weeks. I hadn’t just that I had been in a coma but, my body was full of 5 giant looking chest tubes, PICC lines, IVs, Central lines, a tracheotomy and a feeding tube. I was devastated. I was 18 years old. Things…

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  • ALS Case Study Essay

    ambulate and my breathing capacity was diminished to 30%. This swift decline all occurred between the fall 2009 and the fall of 2011. I had been through five Neurologists before I landed at the ALS Clinic in San Antonio. I finally got the shocking diagnosis on Nov. 2nd 2011; “ALS” (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s disease). By that time I was unable to walk, and even breathing was labor intensive. Shortly after, on Jan. 27th 2012, I went into respiratory and renal failure, and…

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  • Hospitalized Medicine Patients: A Case Study

    There was “no treatment”(Singer, 2011) that can “reverse his condition” (Singer, 2011). Joseph fate looked bleak, deemed “unconscious,”(Singer, 2011, p.ii) he would not suffer. Eight physicians determined that baby Joseph would not benefit form a Tracheotomy that his parents requested so he could be at home with them and die “when God says he should”(Singer, 2011). Joseph’s case went before “Canada’s Consent and Capacity Board”(Singer, 2011) where it was determined that Joseph’s parents were…

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  • Long Term Tracheostomy

    Adaptive Maneuvers Kamen, R. S., & Watson, B. C. (1991). Effects of long-term tracheostomy on spectral characteristics of vowel production. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 34(5), 1057-1065. Kamen and Watson (1991) completed a study on the effects long-term tracheostomy has on spectral characteristic of vowel production for children aged 39 to 60 months who underwent a tracheotomy in which they were cannulated between 15 to 42 months. Kamen and Watson (1991) examined 8…

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  • Essay On Becoming An Emergency Nurse

    being able to adapt in various different environments and work well with others. Some characteristics a ER Nurse has to have are; they have to be able to multitask, be fast-paced, structured and patient-facing. One main reason I want to pursue my dream, in becoming a ER Nurse is because I’ve always loved intense, and I love to watch someone gradually recover from an incident and I would just love to be the reason why. Another main reason I want to work in the Healthcare field is because I really…

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  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention

    wound (Walsh et al., 2012). The hospital continued to track the incidence of hospital acquired pressure ulcers in the ICU where they saw a decrease from 12.5% to 7%, hypothesizing that the foam dressing prevents pressure ulcers by absorbing moisture while also decreasing shear forces on the sacrum allowing for the sacral tissue to better tolerate pressure (Walsh et al., 2012). According to the article, Prevention of pressure ulcers after pediatric tracheotomy using a Mepilex Ag dressing, skin…

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  • Legalization Of Ppas Essay

    themselves. People with such illnesses would like to go out with dignity. Requests to hasten death are complex wishes that generally reflect patient’s values of what makes a good life and a good death (al-Awamer, 1039-1040). Jeff Sutherland, a family physician, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis when he was 41 years old. ALS affects both the upper and lower neurons of the brain. The loss of lower motor neuron function leads to muscle weakness and eventually flaccid paralysis of the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Night Like A Vivid Dream

    my heart felt like it was going to stop and my throat clenched, making it harder to breath. I looked down at my feet while I walked so I didn’t have to focus on where we were going. “Don’t touch the body when I take it out.” She said as if it didn’t use to be a person that meant something to us. She said it like it was an empty shell and that he was no longer the person I grew up loving. The person who I had watched slowly deteriorate as I grew up. All I could think of when she opened the door…

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  • Personal Statement: Osteopathic Medicine

    be involved in the care of wounded soldiers and their loved ones. The position allow me to work and understand the process of medical intervention from the perspective of many discipline. This opportunity have given me chances to directly implement therapeutic treatment and observed the responsibility of a physician within a healthcare system. I believe that experience overall has broaden my perspective on where each healthcare provider fit in a particular healthcare systems, specifically the…

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