Tracheostomy Care Essay

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There is a vast body of knowledge related to teaching and learning. Not only is it important for educators to be aware of this theoretical work, but they must be able to integrate this knowledge in a way where they can translate it into practice. Educators must use a variety of teaching methods and strategies to meet the needs of learners. This paper will provide a guide for a new educator to facilitate a tracheostomy care in-service to nurses, using a multimodal approach.
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A Teaching Guide for Educators and the Teaching of Tracheostomy Care
Clinical educators are in a unique position where they have the ability to influence the professionals they teach and in turn the patients cared
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Each station has various types of tracheostomy tubes on the table so they can hold it, manipulate it and visually see the differences. Each station also has a mannequin with a tracheostomy with an oxygen delivery system, as well as cleaning supplies and suctioning supplies. Participants should hold and manipulate the items, getting comfortable with each one. Each participant should take turns practicing trach care and suctioning. While participants are at are the stations, circulate answering questions as they arise and providing additional support. Be sure to praise students ' success. Ask problem-based questions like your patient with a tracheostomy rings the buzzer and is SOB what do you do? The chart does not indicate what type of tracheostomy tube is in place, how will you determine what type of tracheostomy tube it is? What type of inner cannula should be in place when performing suctioning? Why would we want to use a cuffed tube? Your patient is going home with a tracheostomy, what do you think will be important for the patient to learn? Asking these questions while students are still working at their stations, will provide stipulate conversation and learning, while still having access to the

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