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  • Symptom Of Schizophrenia In Gregor Samsa's The Metamorphosis

    Schizophrenia is a devastating disorder that cost over $60 billion in the United States alone. A disease as devastating as schizophrenia puts most families in a terrible situation. In the book, The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa believes that he transformed into a bug and is clearly suffering from schizophrenia evident to cognitive, behavioral, and psychological symptoms that was shown throughout the book. In the very beginning of the book the easiest symptom to identify is cognitive. One of the more telling reasons that he has delusion was the conviction that he became a bug. In the article “Delusions and Metacognition in Patients with Schizophrenia” described the symptom as “Delusions are typically accompanied by a strong sense of conviction.…

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  • Somatic Symptom Theory

    Somatic Symptom Disorder (SSD) embodies the conundrum of compartmentalizing mental disorders as separate from physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. The number of individuals presenting for treatment of somatic symptoms associated with mental duress is enormous (Sharma & Manjula, 2013). They suffer high disability, marked impairment of health status, and place massive financial burden on the health care system (APA, 2013; Ruttley, Ng & Burnside, 2014; Sharma & Manjula, 2013). Approximately…

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  • Children With ADHD Study

    classifies the boys as being twice at risk of developing the condition compared to the girls. In the general population, some of the symptoms that occurred in the past would not be detected due to lack of sufficient facilities and knowledge on the subject. However, the recent development and innovations that have taken place in the medical field have ensured that ADHD is rightly diagnosed and the children receive the right medication. According to (Holland, 2015), ADHD…

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  • Type B Tularemia Research Paper

    Type A and type B tularemia have similar signs and symptoms that seem nonspecific until after the incubation period. Tularemia is presented as an illness that includes symptoms such as chills, headache, muscular pains, and fever and skin ulceration. However after the incubation period, people infected with the bacteria will develop 1 to 6 different clinical symptoms depending on the portal of entry. Typically the incubation period falls anywhere between 1 to 21 days, however symptoms…

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  • Nursing Case Study For Chlamydia

    She currently with a long-time boyfriend that she does not use condoms with it. She admits that she had other partners while with her boyfriend. They discussed it and would like STD testing. She is having absolutely no symptoms at this time, including any pain in the vaginal area or the pelvic area, no vaginal discharge. No urinary symptoms. She was tested for Chlamydia and gonorrhea at her physical in April. Medications Fluoxetine 30 mg daily, birth control pill, Concerta 20 mg daily.…

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  • Morton's Neuroma Case Study

    (MN). MN initially identified by Queen Victoria 's surgeon ( Lewis Dulacher) in the year 1845. Dulacher (1845) recognized that MN is the formation of inflammation of the nerve affecting the distal plantar nerves (Dulacher,1945). Thomas Morton first described the clinical manifestation of MN in 1874 (Shishir & Wang, 2009). The signs and symptoms of MN are the pain in the proximal region of the metatarsal heads radiating down to the third and fourth toes, exacerbated by ambulation with tight…

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  • Low Back Pain Case Study

    Spinal manipulation clinical prediction rule (CPR) is one of such CPRs; that facilitating prognosis or predicting the effect of patients likely to benefit from SM. It was derived by Flynn et al in 2002 and validated by Childs et al in 2004 and is a stage II CPR. This implies it can be confidently used in different clinical settings, on a wide range of patients by clinicians with different experiences, provided of course that it is used accurately. The predictors are as follows: 1) duration of…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Depression

    Depression affects 11% of adolescents during the teenage years. Across America, depression is one of the highest diagnosed mental illnesses. With the rising stress levels of day to day life, more teenagers are getting diagnosed with this mental illness. Depression is not just simple sadness; it is a mental illness that restricts many people from performing to their highest capabilities. Each individual handles depression in different ways. Many of the symptoms involve the individual secluding…

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  • Eating Disorders: Anorexia Nervosa

    to understand what it is, some of the symptoms, and treatment options. Anorexia nervosa, better known as anorexia, is a well known eating disorder. However, there is more to it than just being an eating disorder. Anorexia can be when a person starts to focus more on their appearance it starts to impact their eating habits. This usually happens when development starts in a teen, but restriction of food can last for years after development (Moore). It is known for people with the illness to be…

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  • 'Writing Assignment 2: The Mumps'

    “Holy hell,” says Dr. Strangelove. Glen replies, “I don’t know what happened. I went to a party and drank and made out with a chick.” “By the looks of this, you seem to have a disease, the mumps to be exact. It’s caused by a virus that can be transmitted by swapping spit with loose women,” say Dr. Strangelove (Roth, Sullivan, 2015). After taking a look at his medical record, it seems that Glen had already had his MMR vaccinations for the mumps years ago. He had the first dose between 15-18…

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