Children With ADHD Study

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Children with ADHD are characterized with over activity, and inattention in their day-to-day activities. Research conducted in the past has shown that close to five percent of the children in the world show signs of hyperactivity and impaired levels of attention. The study classifies the boys as being twice at risk of developing the condition compared to the girls. In the general population, some of the symptoms that occurred in the past would not be detected due to lack of sufficient facilities and knowledge on the subject. However, the recent development and innovations that have taken place in the medical field have ensured that ADHD is rightly diagnosed and the children receive the right medication. According to (Holland, 2015), ADHD …show more content…
It is because some of the children affected by the condition were unable to control their individual behaviors the same way a typical child could do. He noted they were still intelligent despite the inability to perform certain functions. More symptoms were later revealed in the later years as well as the ways of managing the condition.
Diagnosis is a rigorous process that must involve the input of the medical professionals and the parents. In the 1990’s, the cases of ADHD were increasing at a higher rate hence the need for medical professionals to develop ways of diagnosing the condition. However, it is pertinent to note that detecting of ADHD does not require a simple test. Rather, the medical professional will use a standardized way to diagnose the condition. Certain conditions must be present for a person to be diagnosed with the
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A child with ADHD condition will exhibit symptoms such as failing to be attentive in class or following instructions. As such, they will make some careless mistakes such as missing the correct details or giving wrong information. Moreover, the child will have trouble in sustaining any form of attention while taking part in activities such as playing. They will not be in a position to concentrate in class or remain focused when the teacher is teaching. Part of this has to do with the symptom of inattentiveness. When the child is being spoken to, they will not concentrate or follow the instructions since their minds always seem to somewhere else even if there is nothing to distract

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