Argumentative Essay On Adhd

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ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) is one of many common childhood disorders that can continue through adolescence and adulthood. Difficulty paying attention, following instructions, sitting still, managing time, organizing and controlling hyper active behavior are the symptoms of ADHD. Equally affecting both genders, more and more children, adults and adolescents are being diagnosed with ADHD today. Behavioral observations determine being diagnosed with ADHD or not. ADHD being a lifelong condition can be over diagnosed and medications can also be misused. Being diagnosed with ADHD, a child must have symptoms for six or more months, at a higher degree than most children of the same age. Key behaviors of ADHD include impulsivity, …show more content…
Surveys show that 78.3% of participants believe ADHD is diagnosed in too many children that don’t really have it. 32.2% of the surveys participants claim that it is unacceptable to treat ADHD with prescription drugs, and 42.1% acceptable. In 2007, ADHD diagnosis soared, rising tremendously. “Because young boys are most likely to exhibit hyperactivity, adults and girls with ADHD often have gone undiagnosed in the past” (Quinn). Compared to the percent of girls (5.6), boys have had an ADHD diagnosis of 13.2. But today, ADHD is equally predominant in both male and females. “They give more weight to attention problem as the hallmark of the condition than in the past, which helps to extend the diagnosis to adults and girls, who are less likely to be perceived as hyperactive” …show more content…
If used over a long period, cardiovascular risks may occur. “There also is “abundant evidence” that people who have not been diagnosed with ADHD take the drugs as mood elevators and performance enhancers” (Rasmussen). Students with lower grade point averages, stress, anxiety or depression are those at greater risk for misusing stimulants. Because stimulants increase wakefulness, suppress appetite and increase focus and attention, they are often abused for weight loss or performance improvement, also being used for recreational purposes. Studies show that adults who’ve been prescribed stimulants as children haven’t had any increase in substance use or abuse patterns. Though, adults and adolescents that start stimulants for ADHD are more prone to the abuse of their stimulants than those without ADHD.
Today prescription drug abuse is becoming increasingly large. Deaths brought on by drug overdoses have steadily increased since the early 1970s. “With many people finding prescription medications easier to procure than illegal drugs, prescription drugs have become a powerful gateway to addiction and other drug-abuse problems” (clemmit). Celebrity prescription drug abuse might positively alert people and specialists of the increase in substance

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