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  • Emotional Self Awareness Inventory

    The Emotional Competence Inventory is a test that grades your Emotional Intelligence by separating four categories (Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management) into twenty-one competencies. After taking the test my strongest category was Self-Management where I scored an average of 4.03. Self-Management is divided into: emotional self-control, trustworthiness, conscientiousness, adaptability, optimism, achievement orientation, and initiative. This quadrant ultimately shows how well you can manage to do things without being told and how well trusted you are when given a task that you will get it done without having to be told multiple times. Looking further in, people testing high in this quadrant are trusted…

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  • Self Harm Awareness

    Self-Harm Awareness Around 46% of teens said they self-harmed more than once last year (Study 1). Self-harm is the act of purposely hurting the surface of your own body (Self 1). Self-harm might sound outrageous, but it is not a mental illness. Instead, it is a symptom of other mental illnesses, including: depression, eating disorder, bipolar disorder, or anxiety (National 2). These mental illnesses also come along with other symptoms similar to self-harm like mood swings, guilt or…

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  • Parts Of Self Awareness Essay

    explain in your own words the four “Parts of Self”. (Cite page number) a) Self-Awareness is when a child realizes they can be their own person and are able to manipulate/utilize their surroundings. An example of self-awareness is an infant discovering their own arm. Infants demonstrate the early stages of being self-aware and the journey continues and grows throughout early childhood. (pg.3) b) Self-Concept is the process of a child learning about themselves and the things that make them…

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  • Self Awareness And Social Media Identity

    ourselves differently in different relationships. Human communications rely mostly on the perception of self and perception of others. In this paper, I will focus on self-awareness and self-concept, impression formation, impression management, and social media identity. They are all important to remember while understanding and exemplifying one 's identity. I will give personal examples on all of these strategies and aspects. These strategies…

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  • Promoting Student Self Awareness Case Study

    A. Promoting Student Self-Awareness. To my understanding of the scenario one, the evidence from Vignette 1 shows that Mr. Fowler is trying to promote self-awareness with Sasha. Mr. Fowler has met with Sasha’s parent many times, and I believe his meeting with Sasha’s parent is to discourse her performance at school. Mr. Fowler has also positioned Sasha’s desk near his work station, Mr. Fowler positioned Sasha’s desk near his work station so he can be able to monitor her activity closely and…

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  • Hyun Ki Case Study Paper

    the phone and his tormenter in school. The reason Hyun-Ki does not defend himself is due to having a small frame, and he self-conscious about his appearance and his accent. I will attempt to help Hyun-Ki and his family. Hyun-Ki sex role come to play due to the fact that he is tiny and frail compared to his sisters; furthermore, he seems isolated in school. Self-socialization is when children search to make their actions constant with their gender identity, and this…

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  • The Struggle Between Creation And Society In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    The Creation begins to see the beauty in humans, more specifically the De Lacey’s when he describes them as “excellent creatures…[which] nothing could exceed in beauty...with the finest symmetry”(111). By describing the humans as such great looking beings, the Creation is beginning to pick up on the importance of physical appearance. After seeing the De Lacey’s beauty it is then that the Creation begins compare himself to their standards as he call himself a “poor wretch...who had never beheld…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Final Portfolio

    interpersonal skills like listening and communicating, and be aware of different leadership styles. All of these are intertwined, and lacking skill in one section does affect the other areas. I learned from this class that I want to be an authentic educational leader and the concepts that I have picked up from this class are related to this. For example, an authentic leader always needs to be self-aware and know that people and their values change over time. The Johari window model can help…

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  • Self Awareness

    strong individual and/or leader to a company is the knowledge of emotional intelligence. A person should be able to recognize the difference in not only other’s emotions but also their own throughout their personal and business life. Emotional intelligence handles the thoughts, feelings, and actions towards a person’s emotions in concern situations. In this paper, there will be three main points about emotional intelligence that will be discussed, which will be self-awareness, self-management,…

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  • Diversity In The Workplace: A Location Analysis

    We all have biases, we wouldn’t be individuals if we didn’t have biases. They are healthy, it is when we begin pushing them onto others that they become a problem. Any good professional is aware of their biases. Being self aware and knowing what you believe in and don’t is important in the field of social work. I have learned to accept my own biases as well as the biases of others. I do my best to accept others views and values of the world uncritically. There is a reason our society is made up…

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