Personal Narrative: My Final Portfolio

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Final Portfolio
To be a good leader, one needs to be aware of themselves, have interpersonal skills like listening and communicating, and be aware of different leadership styles. All of these are intertwined, and lacking skill in one section does affect the other areas. I learned from this class that I want to be an authentic educational leader and the concepts that I have picked up from this class are related to this. For example, an authentic leader always needs to be self-aware and know that people and their values change over time. The Johari window model can help someone discover these changes or new things about themselves. I also learned active listening skills and asking questions are essential for leadership and interpersonal
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As Gilbert (2014) said in his introduction within the first minute, we make decisions that affect who we will become, such as getting tattoos that we later remove. So I learned I need start to making changes and decisions now in order to shape into who I want to be. However to track my progress, I need to continuously be self aware, get feedback and take assessments on a yearly basis to monitor how I am changing and who I am becoming. Self awareness and self introspection is and will be an ongoing process for me as it is for authentic leaders (Waite, McKinney, Smith-Glasgow, & Meloy, …show more content…
These all tie well into one another, especially since one 's actions and values when in power do have effect on others. For example, in a conflict of values, it is useful to be empathetic and have social skills to handle the differences. Leaders also build relationships with people to learn about their strengths, weaknesses, and lives. Doing so enables a leader is utilize a person’s strengths and know how they will work in a team in order to accomplish a common

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