The Four Stages Of The Four Parts Of Self

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1 List and explain in your own words the four “Parts of Self”. (Cite page number)
a) Self-Awareness is when a child realizes they can be their own person and are able to manipulate/utilize their surroundings. An example of self-awareness is an infant discovering their own arm. Infants demonstrate the early stages of being self-aware and the journey continues and grows throughout early childhood. (pg.3)
b) Self-Concept is the process of a child learning about themselves and the things that make them different from others. An individual’s self-concept is constantly growing and changing throughout life. (pg. 4)
c) Self-Control is the maturity and discipline a child begins to develop near 24 months. A child learns to regulate behavior that is conscious and complete tasks, that the child normally wouldn’t undertake. The
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Worth is how the child think’s others like them. Competence is remembering feats in a positive way, leading to likeliness to repeat. Control is realizing the influence on events in the world. Those 3 factors can help how the individual anticipate others, what they can accomplish and their level of happiness. (pg.6 to 10)
2. What do you think of the comment “Garbage In, Garbage out” and how it influences a child’s self -esteem? I think the comment “Garbage in, Garbage out” is very relevant. Children rely heavily on the opinions and views of adults. Constant negative feedback will affect the child’s self-esteem including their self-worth, control and competence. This practice is not giving the children a fair chance at being a confident adult. In order to prevent this, we need to fill the children, even as infants, with confidence, independence leading to strong self-esteem. 3. Identify and describe in your own words, five factors that can affect a child’s self-esteem from the chapter. Why do you think this is important to understand? (Cite page

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