Selective breeding

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  • Pros And Cons Of Selective Breeding

    Introduction The purpose of my research paper was to define and expand on what animal inbreeding and selective breeding is in the Herpetology world. I have provided definitions of both along with the pros and cons as well. Once done, I hope you will have a clear understanding of the uniqueness of each along with the positive and negative aspects of both topics. Both topics are allowed to be very objective, subjective, or opinionated; however, in the end, inbreeding and selective breeding becomes a personal choice. Inbreeding, in a nut shell, is breeding a pair of animals that are closely related. Inbreeding does have an obvious genetic consequence. In general, by breeding animals that are in the same family it…

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  • Negatives Of Selective Breeding

    Selective breeding is the human interference in the genetic transfer in animals and plants. Humans take the idea of natural selection where instead of the environment selecting for the alleles that are best suited for the organism to survive in the wild, humans select rare desirable phenotypic traits in organisms and breed them with each other in order produce an offspring containing those traits. Desirable traits include leaner meat in animals, or better quality milk in cows for commercial…

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  • Selective Breeding Methods

    Wolves, corns, and bananas, what do they all have in common? Selective breeding. It’s a process by which humans can select desirable traits less precisely than methods used today. For example, dogs weren’t the lovely creatures that we have today. Rather, they were vicious scavengers, quite hostile to humans (Lange). However, everything changed once humans learned to manipulate gene expression by only allowing less hostile breeds to reproduce. Although this method of changing behavioral gene…

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  • Selective Breeding Advantages And Disadvantages

    The use of artificial insemination in dairy cattle selective breeding enables the best bulls and cows are chose to improve the genetic make-up such as qualities - milk fat content and quantity of milk in the dairy cow population. This helps to prevent the spread of diseases that can result from normal sexual reproduction because AI is done using sterile procedures also the use of AI can minimize injury to the cattle population that caused by aggressive bulls during the mating process. The use…

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  • Selective Breeding Research Paper

    through Gene Therapy and Selective Breeding Gene Therapy → explain the processes involved Gene therapy is the process of altering an existing gene in the DNA and inserting it into cells in an organism to fix genetic disorders or diseases. In humans, gene therapy is the process in which some of the defect cells or the cells carrying the disease are removed from the body (eg. lung cells in a Cystic Fibrosis patient) in order to harvest their DNA. The base sequence of their DNA is then altered to…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Pitbulls Should Be Banned

    Argumentative Essay Rough Draft Does a child in the community have to die before pit bulls are banned? The breeds of dogs that are considered pit bulls are the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The American Bulldog is sometimes considered a pit bull, too. No dog breed is perfect; however, the Pit Bull is an aggressive and dangerous dog breed that should be carefully monitored. There are several measures that communities…

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  • Origin Of Dogs

    Pugs and corgis, dachshunds and bulldogs, German shepherds and Jack Russell terriers. The popularity of dogs in America is as strong as it has ever been, and for many people looking to acquire a new companion, these purebred breeds are already widespread and only growing in popularity as time passes. Through years of selective breeding, dogs have been bred for specific purposes, but in a world where the practical use of dogs has passed out of mainstream, these adaptions are no longer…

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  • The Terrier: The Brazilian Hunting Dog

    Brazilian Terrier Origin The Brazilian hunting dog, normally referred to as Fox Paulistinha, may be a breed of dog developed in Brazil. it's one amongst many terriers most likely descended from the combining of the terrier with alternative little breeds.The Brazilian hunting dog is one amongst alittle few native Brazilian breeds, and also the only 1 of little size. The Brazilian hunting dog is primarily used for fellowship, little game looking, and vermin obliteration. though quite fashionable…

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  • Irish Terrier Essay

    enough to be convincing watch dogs. They are lively and full of fun but are not “yappy” and remain calm indoors. They are extremely affectionate and gravitate to children. Male Irish Terriers are naturally aggressive to other males of any breed, so it is not advisable to keep two males as house pets. THE SHOW RING Irish terriers must be a solid color, ranging from red wheaten to dark red. Occasionally a puppy is whelped with a pink nose or a white toenail, but these disappear in a few weeks. A…

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  • Puppy Mill Case Study

    Questions 1. Puppies born in commercial breeding facilities (i.e. puppy mills) do not receive proper socialization; what are behavioral problems that may result later in life? What are some physical health problems that occur in puppies from puppy mills?? What are some physical health problems that occur among the breeding stock?? As a result of not getting socialization at a young age many problems can happen. The puppies could grow up and become afraid of everyone, become aggressive towards…

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