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  • Teen Wolf In Homer's The Iliad

    form by walking on two feet, the mouth extends turning into more of a wolf mouth, a mouthful of rows of sharp teeth emerge, mangy hair grows down their back, and their hands expand to grow giant claws giving the Lycans the ability to move quickly on all fours including being able to crawl down ceilings and walls. The film also shows that the Lycans retain some amount of humanity when it focuses on the relationship between the current leader of the Lycans, Lucian and the vampire princess, Soniya. Lucian has survived hundreds of years to seek revenge for her murder. Many vampires are unaware of this history which has been kept a secret by the vampire leaders. The feud between the Vampires and werewolves began in the first movie Underworld. Selene explained her story that six hundred years ago her family was attacked and killed by Lycans (werewolves). Now she hunts them to avenge her family’s murder and she defends a human, Michael, from the Lycans. The Lycans attempt to retrieve his blood to prove that it possesses the strength to sustain both vampire and Lycan genes. While the action in “Underworld” is fictional and purely for entertainment, individuals have started stepping forward in recent decades claiming their encounters with “real-life” werewolves. In 2008, Linda Godfrey published her book Mysteries, Legends, and Phenomena: Werewolves. Her chapters include these “true” accounts of werewolf sightings and the characterizations/history of these creatures. Godfrey detailed…

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  • The Influence Of Juba II

    scholarly pursuits and are what allowed him to accept that Selene was knowledgeable and capable in her own right, regardless of her gender. For instance, he awarded her the title of co-ruler rather than simply just the position of being queen, which would have put her in deference to him. They ruled Mauretania as equals, as evidenced by their achievements and artifacts left…

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  • Senator Eliphas: A Short Story

    During the times of the Roman Empire, Selene had her eyes upon Senator Eliphas, whom was used by others to their own ends. She came before him, and offered him her assistance, as well as her love and immortality, if he helped her sacrifice the people of the country. That would give her the powers of a god if she was able to complete the ritual. But she was betrayed by someone whom she kept close to herself. The senator, told a slave girl whom he gave ruby earrings to what was about to happen.…

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  • The Underworld Franchise

    high enough then the production will continue to exist. Continuing from Awakening series, Blood Wars is still in the same grip; eternal enmity vampire and werewolf (lycan), only now heroine us, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) the Death Dealer formidable been the focus of the seizure of the two clans horror knowing the fact he was on the run from the vampire because sin has killed the leader and second, he and her…

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  • Cleopatra VII: The Death Of Cleopatra

    Cleopatra VII By: Ashleigh Hatfield Cleopatra: Cleopatra was born 69 B.C in Alexandria, Egypt. When she was eighteen years old, her father died, leaving her to rule Egypt. Because Egyptian tradition held that a woman needed a male consort to rule. Her twelve-year old brother,Ptolemy XIII, was ceremonially married to her. Cleopatra soon dropped his name from all official documents, so she could rule alone.She died August 12, 30 B.C.To this day,…

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  • Love In Greek Mythology Research Paper

    Love in Greek mythology helps mold its characters. Love is like a bud that suddenly grows in their hearts. Upon discovering this, they must decide what to do with it; whether that may be to leave it to die, or to nurture it. Because the flower will die, that influences their actions in myths. Many people are afraid to get close to the person they desire for one reason or another, such as Medea when she realizes she loves Jason, a stranger. Sometimes people are idolized such as how Apollo…

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  • Lun The Palace In The Lunar Chronicles

    keep them hidden from the government. As soon as they land on Luna, Cinder, Wolf, Iko, and Thorne escape the queens guards, but Cress gets captured. Jacin becomes Winter's personal guard and is ordered by Levana to kill Winter, but instead helps her escape, along with Scarlet and Cress to meet up with Cinder, Iko, Wolf, and Thorne in sector RM-9. Cinder is in RM-9 to convince the people there that she is Princess Selene and to assist her in her fight to overthrow Levana. Levana's head…

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  • Volute Krater Made In Greece: Art Analysis

    For this analysis, the artwork I selected a Volute Krater made in Greece during the 4th century B.C.E. The artist, The Underworld Painter, uses several lines, especially in the temple made for Atlas. The horizontal and vertical lines give the temple definite shape because of the thickness and they signify that a hero who has died, is the focal point on the back of the vase. The artist also uses curved lines at the top of the vase to show the richness of detail and drive the story further. The…

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  • Rogerian Argument Analysis

    was taught by teachers, and if it should be taught in schools. I would revise the part of my paper where I discussed what the authors disagreed on. I believe I did not pick sources that contrasted with each other enough. All of them agreed Creationism wasn’t science but only differed when talking about how much creationism should be taught in classes. Even in that area there wasn’t a lot of information to disagree on. I want to give one final thought about the explanatory synthesis that doesn’t…

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  • What Is The Relationship Between Cleopatra And Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar was assassinated. It was only after her arrival back in Alexandria that she had discovered that Ptolemy XIV, who was both her husband as well as her brother, had been murdered as well. In the year 41 B.C. the well-known Roman politician and general by the name of Mark Antony, arranged to have a meeting with Cleopatra. At the time, Mark Antony was in dire need of resources in order to successfully carry out his military campaign, as well as for his rivalry with Octavian. Upon the…

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