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  • The Importance Of Self-Control

    Self-Control In Titus 1:8 it states “Rather, he must be hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self-controlled, upright, holy and disciplined.” As stated in this verse Paul instructs Titus that managers of His household must be self- controlled. Self-control is one of the most difficult fruits of the spirit because it requires discipline, self-restraint and emotional control. One way to maintain self-control is by discipline. In order to be disciplined we must first have training. We need training to be able to think through situations and make decisions that are not based on impulse or emotions. Purposefully being conscious of how we react to certain situations and then using tools such as deep breathing and self- talk can help to…

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  • What Is The Relationship Between SE And Loss Of Self-Control?

    SE and loss of self-control. Of the five, two looked at the relationship between SNS and increased SE and to test that people aim to show close friends the positive aspects about themselves. 100 participants were pooled from a US research panel; some were used in all 5 studies. They were then assigned to one of 4 groups in a 2x2 study design (facebook vs no facebook, strong ties vs weak ties). The participants listed 5 close and 5 distant friends; they then answered a questionnaire on a likert…

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  • The Self-Control Theory: Why People Use Drugs

    is the self-control theory. I understand that not just this theory explains why people use drugs but it is the one that I feel is the most direct to a person. I also agree with the other theories and think some of them go together. They can all be used and looked at in order to find out why people use drugs. I don’t think there is just one clear theory that stands alone, but the self-control theory is the one I feel most confident about. I chose this theory because I think it is the most…

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  • Analysis Of Russell Tiller's Film The Seven Five

    In Russell Tiller’s documentary The Seven Five, the characters Michael Dowd and Adam Diaz were ideal ‘criminals’ to analyse using theories that we discussed in class. I will be using four theories to explain why those two characters were committing criminal acts. The four theories I plan to use are learning theory, self control theory, general strain theory, and differential association. I would like to start with Michael Dowd. He was known to be fearless, he was known to not care if he got…

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  • Self Control In The Tempest

    idea of self-control and chastity in this play through the characters. In The Tempest, Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo are prime examples of one with absolutely no self-control. In the beginning of the play…

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  • Self-Control And Success

    between Self-Control and Success One of life’s purposes is to achieve some sort of success, whether it is personal gain or for the good of the community. For instance, opening up the business you’ve always dreamed of or building a school in a third world country, regardless of the type of success we as humans are constantly seeking it. The achievement of a persons desired aims or prosperity makes humans feel jaunty and more optimistic about life, it is a feeling of meaningfulness to us and to…

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  • Self Control Improvement

    the scientific paper “Exploring the Mechanisms of Self-Control Improvement”, by Michael Inzlicht, Lisa Legault, and Rimma Teper, a theory is developed to describe how self-control can be improved through multiple steps. The team behind the paper used cybernetic principles to determine three separate processes for self control. Which Includes setting goals, monitoring when behavior diverges from goals, and implementing behavior aligned with goals. Cybernetics is defined as the scientific study…

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  • Self Control Emotions

    Self-control: The Taming of Emotions Having self-control can be a hard thing to do. As human being, we are full of all types of emotions. Some are good, some are bad, some are happy and some are sad. They range in intensity from high to low and can be easily controlled to nearly impossible. There, we will examine self-control, what we are trying to control, and the methods and techniques that can aide in self-control. First, let’s start out by discussing what self-control is. Self-control as…

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  • Self Control Theory

    refer to it as Self-Control theory was created. This theory was based on the latent trait theories created by James Q. Wilson and Richard Hernsteins concepts (Wofsey, 2015, p. 140). Lack of Self-Control and impulsiveness are the two significant characteristics with the General Theory (Wofsey 2015). Those types of personality characteristics describe that they are more physical, act on impulse, display selfishness and are shortsighted (Wofsey 2015). Self-Control in this theory is related to crime…

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  • Self Control In Prison

    long-term benefits (Williams & McShane 2014). Gottfredson and Hirschi also point out that people by nature are self-interested and that crime is a problem of individuals having low self-control. Criminal justice policy makers can use this theories perspective on criminality in order to implement rehabilitation programs in prison that tackle the issues of self-interest and self-control. Self-control theory provides an interesting perspective in rehabilitation policies when addressing self-control…

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