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  • Essay On Bipolar Disorder In Macbeth

    elated and depressed at times. In Shakespeare’s famous play Macbeth, the Scottish general Macbeth’s varied emotions can be considered comparable to individuals currently living with bipolar disorder, even though the actual medical condition was not yet diagnosable. Although some may argue that Macbeth has no mental disorder due to a lack of symptoms, when comparing Macbeth’s manic and depressive actions to behaviors exhibited by those with bipolar disorder, it becomes clear that Macbeth does, indeed, have a mental illness. Bipolar disorder is a mental illness with a variety of symptoms that can affect an individual and their acquaintances in a variety of ways. To begin with, individuals that have bipolar disorder experience both episodes of mania and depression (Hirschfield). When in a manic episode, one tends to exhibit exaggerated behaviors and emotions. They may experience periods of extreme elation or feel unusually energized. When in a depressive episode, one displays subdued behavior and emotions. This includes feeling apathetic towards things one used to enjoy and feeling extremely fatigued, to the point that one cannot function normally. Additionally, those that have bipolar disorder have a tendency to hurt themselves and others (Hirschfield). Due to symptoms such as increased vigor or a lessened will to live exhibited by those with bipolar disorder, certain individuals may have the urge to commit acts of violence. Actions such as suicide or self-harm may be taken,…

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  • Comparison Of Major Depression And Bipolar Disorders

    major depression and bipolar disorder. These two disorders were chosen, because depression and bipolar disorder have been genetically included in my family, and I would like to gain more knowledge about both of them; this is so I can help my family to control their disorders better if I have a sufficient amount of knowledge about both. Disorders can be extremely difficult to deal with, and I have had to witness what they could do to a person. Major depression is defined as a significant mood…

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  • Bipolar Disorder In J. D. Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye

    that is brought on by traumatic circumstances and is presented via his fluctuating mood swings. He also has little motivation and impulsive thoughts and possesses other symptoms corresponding with these disorders. Holden is suffering from bipolar disorder and has rapid mood swings that greatly affects how he goes about his life. According to a New York State Office of Mental Health article on bipolar disorder, a conducted study established that “people with rapid-cycling [bipolar disorder]…

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  • Reason For Referral : An Evaluation

    REASON FOR REFERRAL: Per Court Order signed by the Honorable Schulman (4/27/16) and at the request of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Nathaniel was referred for an evaluation to determine whether or not he meets the diagnostic criteria for intellectual disability or autism. Nathaniel currently has one open case which includes a Burglary Conveyance unarmed for an incident that allegedly occurred in January of 2016. The youth is scheduled for a Court appearance on this matter in the…

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  • Bi-Polar Disorder Analysis

    Bi-polar disorder can be challenging most of us who suffer from this disease experience mood swings, depression, feelings of isolation, and instability. My personal challenges were instability, I was unstable when it came to my emotional relationships with my husband and children. The slightest thing would set me off. Nobody understood me not even myself. I often found solitude in isolating myself from everyone, that way I could make sure that my emotions were my own. This caused my family…

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  • Silver Linings Playbook Character Analysis Essay

    Without mania, it would be Depressive Disorder (DSM-V, American Psychiatric Association, 2013). At various points during the movie, Pat appears excessively positive and possibly manic. According to Freud, “patients were better able to verbalize psychodynamically relevant information when (paradoxically) they relaxed their efforts to recall unconscious material directly, and simply spoke about whatever thoughts, feelings, or ideas happened to enter their mind at the moment” (Erwin, 2002). During…

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  • Mrs. Sharon Case Study In Nursing

    escalate.” This mornings behaviors, was the final straw for him, and became the deciding factor for him to bring his wife into the hospital today. He reports that she has not slept in 8 days and has not been taking her medications in at least that time period. After evaluating the patient’s integrated assessment, the patient is being referred for psychiatric hospitalization. As stated in Varcaroli’s, Hospitalization provides safety for a patient experiencing acute mania, and provides for…

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  • Bipolar Disorder Case Study

    comprehensive evaluation in the office, Dr. Benson arrived to the conclusion that Carla exhibited signs and symptoms of an acute manic episode commonly seen in BD. However, Dr. Benson’s refused to start Carla on therapy until she underwent a complete mental evaluation and was diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Unfortunately, the nearest specialist was 100 miles away from the rural area where the event took place and Sandy was unable to transport Carla. To ethically analyze this case, it is important…

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  • Bipolar Disorder: A Brief Analysis

    wasn’t enough. According to the notes, drug therapy didn’t come around until the 1950s. This pinpointed the modern age of medicine and changed the outlook for various mental disorders. Today, the biological treatment is the most common in the United States. Although it wasn’t until the 1970s that lithium as a medication was allowed. As more medications were approved the more popular the biological model became. According to the biological model, bipolar disorder is caused because of low levels…

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  • Mental Disorders: Postpartum Depression In Women

    Exercising daily can have the same results as taking antidepressants because it triggers the growth of new brain cells and connections (Saisan, M.S.W, Smith, M.A. & Segal, Ph.D., 2016). Bipolar Disorders are very tough to go through for an individual suffering from it. A person 's mood can suddenly go from being extremely happy to extremely sad. These shifts in mood can take a toll on a person, bringing them down further and further. Furthermore, since the mood changes can be so sudden, most…

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