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  • The Consequences Of Earthquakes

    In the same manner, the breakage of rock during an earthquake produce vibrations called seismic waves that radiate outward from the point of fracture. Provided that, the instrument used to record and measure these vibrations is called a seismograph ( EarthquakesCanada, 2013 ). About 132 A.D. , Chang Heng, a Chinese astronomer and mathematician, invented the first seismometer. ( Duncan, 2014). For the most part, seismographs are securely fixed to the surface of the Earth. ( Than, 2010). In general, a modern seismograph includes five basic pieces (Figure 2): a clock, a sensor called a seismometer,an electronic amplifier, a seismogram that traces a chart, and a data recorder that saves the information for later examination. The clock records precise arrival times of certain seismic waves. Furthermore, the seismometer measures the shaking strength at the instrument 's location and compares the motion of a support structure that shakes with the land surface to a pendulum. Finally, the recorder registers seismic signals and vibrations with a pen attached to the pendulum, and a roll of paper that moves…

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  • How To Write A Seismograph Essay

    Earthquake Alarm Can you locate an earthquake? How about read its frequency? Alert others of it? You may not be able to do things like that, but there is a machine that can. Learn about this invention as you read about the ancient seismograph. With today’s advanced technology, you wouldn’t be surprised that there would be a machine that can do things such as locate earthquakes before getting struck. But can you believe this invention was created during ancient times? The invention…

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  • Essay On Chilean Earthquake

    They happen in these countries because they are on fault lines ( We measure earthquakes by the Richter scale. The Richter scale measures earthquakes by magnitude on a scale from 1-10. The magnitude is based on the size of the largest wave recorded on a seismometer. Seismometers are instruments that detect and record ground vibrations. The lower magnitude earthquakes are usually not felt by people and the higher magnitude earthquakes could be very destructive (Michigan Technological…

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  • Why Are Volcanoes Important

    mean that volcanic activity is increasing. Another way is to measure the amount of sulfur in the gas released by the volcanoes. As a volcano gets closer to erupting, it will start to release gases. The higher the sulfur content is in the gases the closer it is to erupting. Also hundreds of tiny volcanoes can happen around a volcano because magma is rising up through cracks in the Earth’s crust. These are not the only ways to predict if a volcano will erupt there are also several machines that…

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  • 2011 Japanese Earthquake Disaster

    sliding 165 feet (Oskin, 2013). The epicenter is 43 miles off the coast of Japan with a hypocenter 19 miles below. (IMAGE 1.3: The epicenter is 43 miles off the coast) Tokyo, 231 miles from the epicenter, received one minute of warning before the second waves hit the city. The warning worked and saved many lives during the terrifying 6 minutes of shaking. The “Earthquake Early Warning” is a highly valuable system used in Japan to send warning out to its people. More than 4,000 seismometers…

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  • Venera 13 And 14: A Case Study

    surface of Venus at 13 S, 310 E on 5 March 1982. Both images show part of the lander at the bottom. Near the center of the top image is a lens cover, and the bottom image shows a test arm. This area is composed of flat basalt-like rocks, but little soil or fine-grained material (University of Oregon). Instrumentation Venera 14 occupied a camera with red, green, blue, and clear filters, an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, an acoustic detector, and a seismometer (Ivankov, NASA archive). The…

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  • Causes Of Tsunami Essay

    plates don't move smoothly which allows pressure and tension to build and in the end it is the rapid release of energy that allows an earthquake to occurs. It is the place called focus in the earth where it starts and the point on the earth surface is called epicentre. Earthquakes release seismic waves through the rock and the water, which then leads to damage of the area around it as it shakes the ground. The areas closer the epicentre is more severely damage than other areas nearby as the…

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  • Deadliest Tsunami: A Case Study

    the biggest reasons so many lives were lost in the 2004 tsunami was because of the lack of adequate warning systems. What was so jarring was the inability to effectually warn and move out of harms way thousands of people. The modern world had never seen or been effected by a tsunami by this size and was caught unprepared and paid the price with lives and costly damage. Post this geologic disaster in 2005, the United Nations voted and passed the Indian Ocean Warning System [Unescopress, 2006].…

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  • Steam Engine Research Paper

    School of Engineering It wasn’t until the early to mid 19th century that Civil Engineering was named a separate study from Architecture.” Today civil engineering is one of the most important things because of roads, bridges, building and more. “Mechanical Engineering started all the way back in 200-300 BC with Archimedes and Heron of Alexandria. Although there were numerous boiler explosions throughout the 19th century, there were no legal codes for boilers in any state in the Union. Other…

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  • 1991 Mount Piatubo In The United States

    Seismologist with the United States Geological Survey are usually the first to arrive in volcanic areas, to predict volcanoes eruptions and to alert people so they can get evacuated safely. One problem with the predictions is that the size and direction can’t be predicted. With the new technology and equipment, it's becoming easier to predict volcano eruptions correctly. In 1991 Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted causing many tribes to evacuate their homes. Researchers from the…

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