Why Are Volcanoes Important

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Volcano Monitoring The U.S. government should spend tax dollars on volcano and earthquake research because if we continue researching volcanoes scientists can find better ways to predict when a volcano will erupt which can lead to the saving of thousands of lives. Natural disasters are very dangerous and there are some for almost every climate. The one natural disaster that can be in almost all climates is a volcano. Volcanoes can be in places as cold as Iceland or in places warm like the Pacific islands. Volcanoes are also very hazardous, causing things such as ash fall or pyroclastic flows which can be deadly. Volcanoes don’t just cause death and destruction but can also cause environmental issues. Volcanoes can cause countless problems for the world. Particulates released by volcanoes reflect sunlight that can cause volcanic winters. Volcanic winters can ruin crops from the cold temperatures, which can led to an increase in countries selling other products. In 1816 in China, a large number of farmers were affected by a volcanic winter caused by the eruption of Mt. Tambora. Countless farmers were forced to begin growing opium, a drug made from an opium poppy, to make money for their …show more content…
government should fund the research of volcanoes and earthquakes because of the benefits that can come from doing this. First of all researching volcanoes can give us more advanced technology that could save masses of people. Funding such research will help us gain more knowledge of the Earth itself. Research helps us make more machines that will be able to help us predict when a volcanic eruption will occur more accurately. By comparison, funding space exploration is likely prove to be less valuable. If we found a planet billions of miles away from earth, it will take mankind years to build a spaceship to be able to travel that far, and we might not even know if the planet is hospitable or not. In conclusion, the U.S. government should fund volcano and earthquake

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