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  • Seismograph: Saving Lives From An Earthquake

    The seismograph influenced the world and madeJust as this impact sets waves in motion on a quiet pond, so an earthquake generates seismic waves that radiate out through the Earth.” It easier to save lives from an earthquake. It warns people when to get out of that city or state.”Obviously this can show how a siesmograph works and can save many lives.How it works is that it detects a siesmic wave.”seismic detectors into networks that halt bullet trains, close valves at manufacturing plants and even send voice messages to cell phones warning that serious shaking is about to occur.”Clearly this shows how a siesmograph can save someones life fom an earthquake in seconds.”If you are close to the earthquake, the P and S wave will come one right after the other, but if you are far away, there will be more time between the two.Not only does a seismograph show when an earthquake is about to happen but also can show where the earth quake is happening,which could be coincidental help with trying to save as many people from an earthquake as possible.As can be…

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  • Mainshocks Research Paper

    the epicenter. In some cases a seismic tremor has foreshocks. These are littler quakes that happen in the same place as the bigger tremor that takes after. Researchers can 't tell that a seismic tremor is a foreshock until the bigger quake happens. (USGS, pg 3). The biggest, principle quake is known as the mainshock. Mainshocks dependably have consequential convulsions that take after. These are more modest tremors that happen thereafter in the same place as the mainshock. Contingent upon the…

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  • Essay On Oklahoma County Earthquake

    Oklahoma County has not been really active. Before the earthquake swarm started in the Jones area, there was only 7 earthquakes per year in Oklahoma County. But, since the Jones swarm started, there are a few hundred earthquakes per year. And, since January 2009, eastern Oklahoma County has been shaking off and on. Most of the quakes are around Jones, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Geological Survey was interested in the 10,000 percent increase in seismic activity. Austin Holland, a seismologist for the…

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  • The Consequences Of Earthquakes

    encounter each other, creating friction. Due to the strength of the force, shock waves will be sent through the ground, creating an earthquake ( Schultz, 2005 ). In reality, making certain developments and preparations, can reduce the amount of damage caused by these destructive forces. Recently, new advances in technology and communication make it easier to monitor earthquakes. First, seismographs…

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  • Earthshaker Myth

    these are mostly white or bluish flashes that precede large Earthquakes and last for several seconds occasionally lasting even a few minutes. According to the U.S. Geological Survey earthquake lights have been reported infrequently over the centuries, both before and while the ground is shaking. (1) However it wasn 't before the 1960s, when people initially took pictures of this phenomenon during the Matsushiro Earthquakes that the scientific community proceeded to take it seriously. The United…

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  • Chile Earthquake Essay

    (Fritz,, 2011). Recent data previously interpreted to be seismic noise is now considered by seismic geologists to be small earthquakes called tremors characterized by slow slip occurring deep below the surface for weeks at a time with recurrence intervals of around 14 months (Chinn, 2011). Monitoring these tremors allows stress build up to be quantified, which could lead to new ideas on prediction and forecasting of large earthquakes (Chinn, 2011). Chile should also design alarm systems…

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  • The Nature Of The Self-Organized Critical System

    It is important to acknowledge that without the critical state, interesting phenomena cannot occur. The non-critical state is at equilibrium, where Gibb’s free energy is equal to zero, and there are no avalanches. Therefore, the critical state is not at equilibrium, this is only an illusion society sees as a result of the nature of self-organized critical systems. During the intermittent periods between avalanches, society cannot detect any changes, so it is assumed that nothing is happening,…

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  • Case Study: Christchurch Earthquake

    likely that re-building will never take place in this area again. Predictions on the likely recurrence of the tectonic movement or process The Alpine Fault of New Zealand has only had 3 major earthquakes in recent history. The higher magnitude earthquakes that occur in New Zealand are as a result of the convergent plate boundaries in the north and south of the two islands. The likelihood of an earthquake reoccurring on the Alpine fault is guaranteed. However scientist are unable to pinpoint…

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  • Landslide Essay

    geological conditions of a slope are weak or sensitive materials, jointed, weathered materials, sheared, fissured materials, adversely oriented discontinuity (schistosity, fault, bedding, contact, unconformity, and so forth) and the contrast in permeability or stiffness of materials, they are easy to saturate by glaciers and snow melting, or heavy rainfall and then slope become destabilized. (b) Heavy and prolonged rainfall: One of the primary factors, heavy and prolonged rainfall, can increase…

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  • Roller Coaster Movement Analysis

    In physics there's many things to learn such as various types of G-forces and even energies. The amount of things that I have learned throughout my days in class was the use of energy. The two types of energy is Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy this was used to to tell that velocity PE (Potential Energy) and the motion of KE (Kinetic Energy) of roller coasters which was one of the things that was taught this year PE was the highest point of the roller coaster. And KE is to tell the motion if…

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