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The Earth’s Natural Early Warning system: Earthquake light
No one has ever seen him. Not really. They only ever perceived his aura, his mystical cloak that shimmers a whitish blue gleam, in the stint before his arrival, before his mighty steps tear the ground open. No one has ever heard him. Who can hear him over the yells of terrified people? He doesn’t even have a name. For who can name something so powerful and yet so elusive. I call him ‘Earthshaker’. Some have repudiated his existence, others have tried to elucidate his arrival as the culmination of severe tectonic activity. Can you blame them? For who can believe that such a being exists?
Nevertheless no one can forget him, because every time Earthshaker visits he leaves behind a dreadful trail of destruction so devastatingly deadly that it is impossible to comprehend what happened until the dust has settled. Earthshaker has no
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Some observers have even described his visits as great manifestations of floating balls of light, others have called them bluish columns shooting up out of the earth like reverse lightning, reaching up into the sky from the ground. No one yet knows the mysteries behind this mythical being. However with every new sighting, and every new scientific discovery the myth behind Earthshaker is slowly fading.
Earthshaker the myth relates to the unexplained, sporadic phenomenon known as ‘Earthquake lights’ these are mostly white or bluish flashes that precede large Earthquakes and last for several seconds occasionally lasting even a few minutes. According to the U.S. Geological Survey earthquake lights have been reported infrequently over the centuries, both before and while the ground is shaking. (1) However it wasn 't before the 1960s, when people initially took pictures of this phenomenon during the Matsushiro Earthquakes that the scientific community proceeded to take it

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